The Benefits of Bad TV

Like most people, I enjoy good quality things. Good food, good people, good schools, good movies, and so on. Rarely would I choose a bad version of those things, and that rule applies to almost every aspect of my life, but there is one major exception. I love bad T.V.

I’ve been told by many, friends and family alike, that some of my favorite shows are a waste of my time, or that they’re just plain bad. But hear me out! When I’ve been doing homework for hours or doing chores all day, or going to school and then back to back club meetings, my brain feels like mush. I need a way to wind down and be entertained without having to think. That’s the appeal of shows like Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, or any reality show like Dance Moms.

The benefits of bad T.V. are that you don’t have to think too hard. In other words, your head doesn’t hurt from the philosophical questions that come up from the tough decisions the characters have to make. When I watch shows like Criminal Minds or Stranger Things, I have to dedicate mental real estate to it.

When I watch a bad reality show, it’s fairly predictable and I can easily binge them without much thought.

It’s not that I dislike good shows that teach you things and make you think; in fact, I love them as well. But I think there’s also a time when bad T.V. is necessary. It provides you with the unique opportunity to entertain yourself and give your brain a break at the same time! Seriously, what more could you want?  

Despite the existence of critically acclaimed television, I’m going to keep watching to find out who A is or see whether or not Bughead ends up together. As the unofficial spokesperson and advocate for bad T.V., I feel the need to defend my “waste of time” habit and explain just how good bad T.V. can be. 


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