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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

I remember when I was little and I used to get sick and my mom would stay home with me all day. We would drink ginger ale and gatorade and snuggle under blankets watching hours of TV until I felt better. Those were the days! Even as I got older into my middle school and high school years, I still got to stay home under warm blankets and relax and maybe do an assignment or two from bed. Sure, I would definitely try not to skip days in high school because missing one day felt like missing 10 years worth of class, but on my sickest days I could feel like garbage in the comfort of my own home. 

Last year I went to a school in North Carolina, which as you may know is very far from Boston. I was sick for practically all of first semester in and out of the doctors. It was the worst! I was having to not only go to student health all the time, but also having to Uber to different doctors around the town. I would call my parents to keep them updated, but I was basically on my own. I couldn’t miss classes or labs, because you can’t make up missed quizzes or labs in college. I knew people going to class with mono, the flu, and pneumonia. College doesn’t really allow you to get sick. At least when you work in the real word, you are given some sick days. You aren’t penalized for having a fever. College is not this way. Maybe I am exaggerating. Sure you can skip a lecture or two, but you can’t miss an exam or any quizzes or anything that affects your grade. Perhaps what is worst of all is, you have to take care of yourself.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m sick I hate having to take care of myself. I am still my elementary school-self who wants my mommy to tuck me in and watch Netflix with me all day. I need her to remind me to take my Tylenol at this hour and so on. Being sick at school is possibly one of the scariest forms of adult-ing. 


While being sick in general is just the worst, there’s nothing that makes you miss home more. My advice to you is to treat yourself how your mom would treat you when you’re sick. Buy hot cocoa, watch Netflix, and allow yourself some time to rest in bed. 

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Carly Newell is a sophomore at BU. She is a huge foodie and loves exploring the city to find restaurants & coffee shops. She also loves cookies & romantic comedies.
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.