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Calling all blondes! Whether you’re a fake blondie or have been rocking a lighter hue since you were born, I have some tips from personal experience that can help you ensure you are making the most out of your blonde.

1. Balayage highlights: Everyone who isn’t a natural blonde knows that the upkeep can be exhausting and very expensive. In order to go longer between appointments, I recommend considering a relatively new technique at your next salon appointment called balayage where a stylist actually paints freehand highlights on your head instead of the traditional foiled-in highlights. It can be a little difficult to find a salon where they do this technique but it is becoming more prevalent. I personally have had blonde highlights in my hair for years, even though I am a natural dirty blonde. Even though I liked having lighter hair closer to my roots, it became almost a hassle for me because of the expensive appointments and tiring hours at the salon. I also grew to HATE the “foiled” look on me—I didn’t want my blonde to look fake. After learning about the balayage technique, I jumped on it instantly. I have only gotten my hair balayaged one time—last October, actually—and haven’t had to get it touched up since. Because my stylist freehandedly painted natural streaks of color in my hair, it has grown out to be very natural looking. I no longer have to get my roots done. It’s so worth the money. This is also ideal for the unnatural blondes. Let’s be real, when the foiled highlights grow out and expose darker roots, it’s very obvious to spot that fake blondie. We know who you are. Plot twist: if a brunette gets balayage, the blonde will grow out and appear as sun-kissed streaks. Hello, surfer status ;)

2. Purple shampoos and leave-in treatments: These things have actually saved my life. Purple shampoos and leave-in treatments are ideal for all blondes—even the natural blonde. The way they work: yellow and purple are on opposite ends of the color spectrum. When the purple shampoo/treatment is deposited in the hair, it cancels out all of the unwanted, yellow, brassy tones. This stuff is my favorite because it manages to make my blonde look just as bright after using it as it would after the salon. I personally rotate with either a purple shampoo or a purple leave-in treatment (depends on what I’m feeling—if I have more time, I’ll use my regular shampoo with a purple leave-in treatment and rinse it out after twenty minutes or so, and if I’m in a rush, I’ll just do a quick purple shampooing with my regular conditioner) every second or third shampoo I do. How often you use purple products depends on how ashy you like your hair, and I personally prefer ashier tones on myself, so I use purple products quite frequently. I recommend Unite Blonda Purple Shampoo, Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo,  L’Oreal EverPure Blonde shade Reviving Treatment, and Dessange Paris California Blonde Brass Color Correcting Crème.

3. Frequent trims: This is essential. Because bleach can be pretty drying on hair and makes it weak, it’s important to keep up with your trims. You don’t want your blonde to break off on its own!

4. Leave-in conditioner and hair masks: As I mentioned above, bleach really takes a toll on the hair. Using a good leave-in conditioner after your shower is definitely a good idea before combing your hair out. Blonde hair tends to tangle easier, and if you do not have a good conditioner or leave-in conditioner, your hair will break off. Also, doing a hair mask every once in a while is key because it adds soooo much more moisture into your locks. I recommend Healthy Sexy Hair Leave-In Conditioner, Macadamia Deep Mask and L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm.

I hope these tips can help a sista out! Good luck, Collegiettes!

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