A Basic White Girl's Guide to Fall

The weather is changing, the leaves are different colors, the holidays are coming up, and you need help being basic. But being basic isn’t always easy. This guide will help you fulfill all your basic needs.


1. Pumpkin spice latte to start the day

As a basic white girl, you already love Starbucks. But since it’s getting a little chilly out, you need your pumpkin spice latte to get through the day.


2. Leggings to every event

Going to the gym? The mall? Brunch? Class? A party? Leggings are your go-to bottoms. They go with pretty much everything, plus they show off your butt.


3. Uggs

Your feet get cold like the rest of your body, so you need something to keep them warm all day. Uggs are a perfect choice because not only are they comfortable, but they go perfectly with your leggings.


4. Pumpkin everything

You love your pumpkin spice latte, but you also love everything pumpkin. Pumpkin cake? You need it. Pumpkin scented candles? You need it. Pumpkin juice? You need it.


5. Fall decorations

The key to fall decorations is to start early. Buy as many decor items as you can. Just because you have a small living place doesn’t mean you can’t go overboard.


6. Pictures of the leaves changing colors

This is a must for Instagram and Snapchat. Even though you have been living in an area that has color-changing leaves for years, you need to post it. Some people might forget.


7. North Face

It’s cold out, but you still want to look cute and trendy. Putting on your black North Face will help you achieve this goal.


Hopefully, this playful guide helps you with all your basic needs. And if you related to anything on this list you might just be a basic white girl.