Baby, It’s Cold Outside: 5 Ways You Can Still Look Glamorous

It’s hard to accessorize and show your style and individuality when everything is hidden under a huge winter jacket. Sometimes you just want to add a little personality to your basic winter coat. Here are some things that can really make your winter style pop!

1. Cute chunky headband

This cute headband will keep your ears warm and keep your earbuds in your ears: being super cute AND functional. If you know how to knit, knit your own and make one for your friends! 

2. High Boots

High boots not only keep most of your leg warm, but they also elongate them. If you feel that you look a little short in an overbearing winter coat, over-the-knee boots are the solution.

3. Pop of Color Mittens

Not everyone can commit to a statement winter coat. So let your pop of color come from to your mittens. Bonus if they have touch screen fingertips so you can use your phone!

4. Faux Fur

Fur can look very luxurious and super warm. So, be environmentally concise and stylish by buying faux fur jackets and accessories. Your wallet and the ecosystem will thank you.

5. Scarves

I cannot stress enough how versatile scarves are. They can cover the lower half of your face while still looking super cute. For extra insulation, get a fake fur lined scarf for maximum warmth.

Don’t fall victim this winter to the Michelin Man look or hypothermia. Use these tips to stay super warm and super stylish!


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