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Is the Away Carry-On Worth the Hefty Price Tag?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

You’ve seen it all over Instagram; Away is THE luggage for millennials. It passes all the tests. It’s aesthetically pleasing. It’s perfect for the minimalist. It doesn’t try too hard. 

Every time I would go to an airport, I would see people rolling that sleek hard-case luggage that I so desperately wanted. I knew I had to buy one, but I could not justify spending over $250 on a carry-on. 

Of course—just like I always do—I convinced myself that I needed it. I knew I would be traveling a lot this year and decided to take the plunge. I essentially saw it as an investment, due to its high quality and lifetime warranty. 

Unlike most millennials, I opted out of ordering it online and decided to purchase it in-store. Boston is home to one of Away’s ten stores, so I figured I might as well take part in the full experience. Unsurprisingly, the store was minimal and highly aesthetically pleasing.

After looking at the different types of carry-ons, I opted for the ‘The Bigger Carry On’ in a sleek black. It comes with a luggage tag, which you are given the option to personalize with a foil monogram (for an additional $10). In total, including the monogram and taxes, the carry-on came out to the grand total of $270.94 (yikes). 

After swiping my card, I happily walked ~away~ with my new carry-on and headed home to start packing for a trip I had the next day. Even though the sales representative at the store already showed me all the cool details, it was so much more exciting to see them in action myself. 

For a carry-on, I was surprised at how much could fit inside. It is divided into two compartments: one side is designed for soft items, like clothes, and the other side is designed for hard items, like shoes and toiletries. The clothes compartment has a compression pad, which makes quite the difference. The hard-shell is designed with a bit of flexibility in order to squeeze in as much as you can.

The luggage has four 360° spinner wheels, which makes it that much more smooth during airport power-walks. It has a TSA-approved lock, so you won’t have to worry about your valuables getting lost. It includes an ejectable battery that can support four full phone charges. The luggage also includes a dust bag, a water-resistant laundry bag, and a universal outlet adapter.

Away also has an amazing warranty and return policy. You could return it within 100 days—no questions asked. They are also covered by a limited lifetime warranty that covers functional damage.

I’ve never felt so passionate about a bag before I took the plunge with the Away carry-on. It has everything you could ever need in a travel bag and more. Away luggage is absolutely worth it and I already want to invest in more items from their amazing collection. 

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Clarissa is a senior majoring in Journalism at Boston University's College of Communication. Besides writing, Clarissa loves Srabble, astrology, and satire. ?
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