Ashley Mountz (SHA '16)

Ashley Mountz is a 21 year old senior from Youngstown, Ohio, majoring in the School of Hospitality Administration. She loves SHA and wants to focus on Hotel Management. Ashley aspires to be a general manager for a luxury hotel brand in the future. She is also a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority on campus. 

Ashley holds three jobs currently: she works as a finance intern at the Four Seasons, is a suite server for Agganis Arena, and also works for Catering on the Charles. She is constantly busy, but manages her time well and does an excellent job of handling her priorities in a professional manner.  

Ashley said her favorite experience at Boston University was studying abroad in Dublin. She said that being able to travel to different countries and meet a number of new people was an enriching experience in her college career. She absolutely loved her exposure to a number of new cultures— and she didn’t spare herself a single cultured experience! When asked for a funny story, she spoke about the time that she got a concussion abroad while learning how to play Gaelic games. She said that the best thing about college was studying abroad. In her opinion, “nothing compares” to the people that you can meet abroad. Her advice to freshman from a senior perspective is, “work as hard as you can to establish yourself in whatever you want to go into. Do as many internships as you can and step outside of your comfort zone. Go abroad. And go Greek!”  

Three things that Ashley can’t live without are yoga, because it helps her to de-stress, her dog, and travelling. If she was given a million dollars, she said that she would donate to a battered women’s shelter, the American Cancer Society, and other charitable organizations. She said that she would also take her family to travel around the world.  

Sounds like this BU cutie is the total package!