Are You Addicted to Tinder?

It has been two years since I downloaded Tinder. I had just moved to LA for the summer and I did not know anyone, so I thought that joining Tinder would be a good way to meet new people. Can you say naïve? Trust me, being alone did not last long, as I soon received countless messages from couples asking me if I would be down for a threesome. Newsflash, the answer was (and still is) no!

Since then, I went through different phases. From the “What was life before Tinder?” to “This app is serious BS,” and of course the “Am I a Tinder addict?” phase. I came up with these 8 questions to help you determine if you really are addicted to Tinder. Of course, all of them are based on extensive, scientific research (meaning I relied on my friends’ experience as well as my own!).


1. Do you actually want to meet/chat with your matches or do you just swipe right for the sake of swiping?

Using Tinder for validation is pretty common. I mean, it feels good to receive messages from strangers telling you that you are cute but is this why you joined Tinder in the first place? Aren’t date nights, hookups, and new friends better?


2. Do you read people’s bio?

Did you spend that much time and effort crafting the perfect bio so that no one would read it? Plus if you had actually read this cute girl's bio you would have known that she AND her boyfriend were looking for a threesome before swiping right.


3. Do you just swipe right on everyone without even looking at all of their pictures?

I guess this one speaks for itself. I once swiped right on a group picture, only to find out that I had matched with a 6’2” quarterback, and not the cheerleader sitting next to him. Don’t ask me how it happened but the following conversation was pretty awkward…


4. Is it the first app you check in the morning/before going to bed?

Opening Facebook right after closing Tinder does not count. Sorry!


5. Are you the “Tinder Expert” of your friend group?

I actually came up with the idea for this article after my best friend asked me for help to create the perfect Tinder profile. I felt flattered, but really though?


6. Does the idea of deleting Tinder make you feel bad?

Loosing all of your matches and your precious conversations is pretty scary, right?


7.  Have you ever contemplated the idea of paying for Tinder Plus?

When it gets to the point where you want to pay for additional in-app purchases and get even more out of the app, that's when you know you are addicted.


8. Have you actually done it?

See commentary above... once again, it all comes back to wanting to pay even more for the app!


So, are you addicted to Tinder? It is ok if you are. I mean, isn’t Tinder the best thing that happened to collegiettes? Choosing the perfect spot for your first date, spending hours getting ready, and gossiping about it with your best friend afterward: this is what college life is all about!