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Are These Classic American Snacks Overrated?

I have tried a lot of snacks in my days. I have definitely eaten my fair share of chips and Cheez-Its and candy. I have also tried snacks from different countries I have visited. Although I have explored snacks from countries like Canada, Mexico, Italy and Iceland, I have not tried some classic American snacks, which feels weird since I have lived here my whole life. Today, I will be redeeming myself by trying foods that every American seems to rave about, but I have never eaten.

Rice Krispies Treat

A Rice Krispies treat seems like a quintessential American lunchtime snack that every fourth grader has eaten but alas, I have not. Anytime someone would offer me one I would turn it down because I assumed I wouldn’t like it. I decided it is time to change that because I am a fan of cereal and of sugary treats, so a Rice Krispie treat might be my new favorite dessert! When trying the Rice Krispie treat, I received an instant sugar hit at my first bite. To be honest, I was not a huge fan and would probably go with another snack at lunchtime. It might be better with some chocolate, though? 


Remember when the Twinkie was discontinued for a few months back in 2012 and everyone freaked out? I figured I had to try this snack just because of the sheer volume of people who seemed to go crazy just at the thought of not having this snack in their stores. After eating my first Twinkie, I still do not understand the craziness of the 2012 Twinkie crisis. Twinkies are not my cup of tea. I think it might be due to me not liking sponge cake which is what the majority of a Twinkie is. I just didn’t taste a real flavor (other than sugar) when eating it. 


While a Redbull is not a snack food, I think it deserves to be on the list because most people in high school had a Redbull strapped to their side at any given time just to make it through the day. I, myself, have never tried a Redbull before or really any energy drink, but I am hopeful that this drink can give me an energy boost and be delicious simultaneously! I did try the original Redbull, which has a little too much sugar in it for me, so I would get the sugar-free version next time for sure! I would also try one of their flavored versions, because the original one is a little too plain for me. All in all, the Redbull was okay, but I think I will stick to coffee. 


The Pop-Tart was the snack I was looking forward to the most because the variety of flavors were very intriguing to me and I have only heard good things about Pop-Tarts. I tried the s’mores one which was good, but seemed like it was lacking something (flavor, perhaps) so I didn’t love it. This could be due solely to the fact that its s’mores flavored, not the actual Pop-Tart product. I would like to try other flavors to see if it was just the graham cracker throwing my taste buds off. 


Similar to the Rice Krispies Treat, I always turned down a Snickers bar because I assumed I wouldn’t like it. I am not a big supporter of peanuts in my chocolate (that doesn’t apply to Reese’s, btw), so I didn’t know how this would go. The first thing I noticed when trying Snickers was that it was very messy, which I know does not affect taste but it’s still something I consider in choosing a snack. Other than the cleanliness of the product, I did enjoy the Snickers bar. The peanuts did not overpower the rest of the ingredients and the caramel was a nice touch. It kind of felt like a Milky Way but with peanuts, but I still liked it. 

I know it must have a big shock that someone had never had a Snickers bar or a Pop-tart before but I am glad I can now cross those things off my bucket list! Even so, I think I will still choose my go-to snacks (popcorn and cereal).

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Peyton is a sophomore at Boston University majoring in journalism in the College of Communication and minoring in Women, Gender and Sexuality. Besides writing for Her Campus, Peyton also writes for the Daily Free Press and is a member of Students for Reproductive Freedom. In her free time, she tries to find the best places for dessert in Boston and reads along with Emma Watson's book club "Our Shared Shelf."
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