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Anya and Lexi’s Bucket Lists: The Beginning of the End

This year, we’ve asked three girls–Crystal, Anya and Lexi to create a Bucket List and update us on their progress over the course of the year. Two friend Anya and Lexi have their BU Bucket List all ready for their senior year! Here is their lists below!

As our time at BU comes to a close (sniff, sniff), we can’t help but feel like there’s so much left to do, both in Boston and at BU. And so, our Senior Year Bucket List was born. A little silly, yes, but also sincere. Follow us throughout the year to watch our fourth and final year go out with a bang.

Lexi’s Bucket List:

I am going to watch the sunrise – preferably from a bench in the Public Gardens. My friend once said that one of the most beautiful things she has ever seen was the sunrise as viewed from the Public Gardens. She had decided to take a walk there after a night of drinking because…well, she was drinking so there was probably no real method to the madness. Although it was a random and not a particularly well thought out field trip, she said she really was happy the night had led her there. I see the appeal. Sometimes while here in Boston I am so caught up in the man-made beauty that I forget to look out for natural beauty. I am hoping that before I graduate, some night leads me to watch the sunrise from a park bench.

Why haven’t I been to a Bruins game yet? Since moving to Boston, I’ve been to two Red Sox games, one BU hockey game…and that’s it. It’s true, I don’t usually follow hockey too closely. But I won’t live in Boston forever, and I always enjoy seeing Boston fans (because they’re rowdy), so I don’t think my Boston experience would be complete until I went to a Bruins game.

I want to be knighted at the BU Pub. I just turned 21, so I haven’t even set foot in the BU Pub yet, but I have a few friends who have been knighted. They all had so much fun doing it that I think I have to try too! One friend even chipped his tooth during all the excitement. If you’re having so much fun that you chip a tooth, you have to be doing something right…right? I like beer, I can invest in a mouth guard…I don’t see why this can’t happen!

This year I should really meet Tamer – the guy who makes my cheesy bread. Sometimes I get a really intense craving for Domino’s Cheesy Bread. It sounds like a simple dish, but it’s really like heaven in food form. If you place your order online, you can even see who is preparing your meal. If you’re lucky, it’ll be Tamer. Now, I’ve never met this guy, but every time he makes my cheesy bread (which is 9 out of 10 times), I am left satisfied. Although I rave about Tamer all the time, I have never actually met him. I feel like I need to meet the man who has made me so happy on so many occasions at least once.

I want to add something to my resume. Something significant. Something that I can be proud of. Because upon entering my last year at BU, I am plagued by the thoughts of where I’ll end up after graduation. I mean, what senior isn’t? So I want to dedicate the year to doing something that I can really be proud of. Something that will add a new dimension to my resume. I want to leave BU with a bang. Because I didn’t just come here for fun, right?

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Anya’s Bucket List:
I came. I saw. I conquered Rhett’s Challenge. Rhett’s Challenge…ahh, the stuff of legends. It seems everybody knows somebody’s brother/girlfriend/uncle who accepted this GSU restaurant’s challenge only to end up face-down in a toilet. This, folks, is not for the faint of stomach: a triple cheeseburger, fries, root beer, and an 8-scoop sundae. If you finish, not only will your meal be free, but you will go down in Rhett’s glorious history!

I want to shake Dean Elmore’s hand. We all know and love him, but how many of us have actually met him? This year is my year, friends. I want to shake “The Man’s” hand, to touch the legend of BU. Hopefully I can take a little piece of glory with me.

I am going on an adventure. A FitRec adventure. To find the elusive lazy river. Ever since I was a freshman, I have heard rumors indicating the existence of this lazy river, supposedly located behind the lap pool. Mmm, how nice does an afternoon of post-study floating and lounging sound? It would be like a mini vacation! A staycation, if you will. To my dismay, however, I have never been able to find such a place. Granted, I haven’t looked too hard, as my free time for staycations is minimal. But this year, I will treat myself to a long-and-lazy afternoon.

I will embark on a Duck Tour. Okay, yes, it is a little dorky-tourist-wearing-a-fanny-pack…but I’ve never done it and goshdarnit, I want to! A truck that moonlights as a boat? How cool is that? I bet the view isn’t too shabby, either. I want to view this city that has become my home for the past four years in a new light.


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