The Amateur Homeopath's Guide to Curing the Common Cold

Ah, Fall. There are so many reasons to love you, but there is one reason that comes to mind to dislike you. 'Tis the season for the common cold to plague the student body. As sniffles, coughs, and everything in between slowly begin to take everyone down, I go into full lockdown mode and attempt to avoid contact with any surface that might be a germ-magnet.

But, alas, that usually does not last very long and I end up getting a cold no matter what lengths I go to avoid it. Over the years, I have carefully developed a plan of action to bust the common cold when it finally catches up to me. Here is my definitive guide to beating the old sore throat and sniffle double whammy, without taking any medicine. We all know that natural remedies are the only way to truly cure a cold…


1. The Age-Old Chicken Noodle Soup Remedy 

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Yes, it’s really true. Chicken noodle soup is known for its healing properties, and no I don’t mean because one of the ingredients in it is "love" like your mom cheesily told you. This hearty soup is the ultimate decongestant and has anti-inflammatory properties, which make your throat feel like it’s being coated in liquid gold. The antioxidants and vitamins in the vegetables are super boosters for your immune system and chicken gives you that extra dose of protein your weakened body could use. Consider your body (and soul) cured. Mom would be so proud!


2.  Vitamin C, SO MUCH Vitamin C 

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If you aren’t taking Vitamin C supplements every morning, then get on that ASAP. This may help you prevent that cold from getting to you in the first place, so load up now before it’s too late. Even if you don’t catch it in time, it’s still a good idea to get some Vitamin C into your system. Studies show Vitamin C has antihistamine effects that should be able to kick that bug out of you just as soon as it came. A pro-tip is to get the “Immune + with Vitamin D” packs for that extra immune-boosting punch.


3.  Cough Drops, REAL ones

Photo Credit: Emily Ko 

Although you may be tempted to reach for the cough drops that taste like candy, the real thing that’ll actually soothe and cure your sore throat is the somewhat gross-tasting honey or lemon lozenges. I know, I know, it’s quite unfortunate, but I promise that these things will make your cold short-lived.


4. The Holy Trinity: Honey, Ginger, and Hot Tea 

Photo Credit: The Juicee Life

When you’re feeling under the weather, drinking tea is the number one way to speed up your recovery. You need to be drinking lots of fluids when you’re sick and tea should be your beverage of choice, aside from just plain old water. Not only does tea help make your throat feel so much better, but it also promotes your immune system to kick things into high gear. Chamomile is the ultimate tea blend to drink when you have a cold. It is especially powerful when it’s paired it with other cold-busting ingredients, like real freshly shaved ginger. If you drink this immune-system boosting trifecta at least three times a day, you should be able to get over whatever cold symptoms have been giving you issues within a few days. A pro-tip is to squeeze in a bit of lemon juice for some extra Vitamin C.


The common cold sucks -- trust me, I’ve had my fair share. It’s bound to catch up to you at some point this semester unless you have an immune system made of steel. But, now that you’re armed with information on some of the best natural remedies out there, you should be able to break that cold-spell ASAP. Try your best to stay healthy, and good luck out there!


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