Alec Shaul (SMG'15)

Alec Shaul is a junior in the School of Management hoping to concentrate in Accounting or Consulting. He's from Los Angeles, California where he loves to play golf with his family and go running. Alec is an active brother of Delta Tau Delta and fraternity events occupy a lot of his time. One of his many passions is sports, and he is a dedicated LA Lakers fan and tries to watch every game in addition to a a lot of other NBA games. His love of basketball does not end there, he participates in a fantasy league and plays basketball with friends at FitRec frequently.

Alec is also a talented musician who can play guitar and clarinet. In addition, Alec is a great singer and participated in Alpha Delta Pi's singing competition last year, ADPidol. He loves meeting new people and enjoys hanging out on the weekends with his fraternity brothers. One of Alec's most distinctive traits is how friendly he is. He can be seen walking down Comm Ave waving hello to everyone he encounters.

Alec looks for a lot of qualities in a girl, “I like a girl with a good personality who is easy to talk to. I would like her to be someone who is kind to others, intelligent, and who will be there for me and make me happy.” His ideal date would be going to a nice dinner followed by going to a movie and sharing popcorn.  Alec is an all around fun-loving and kind person.