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Advice for Winter in the Northeast From a Floridian

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

With winter just around the corner, the thought of the temperature dropping and hands freezing 24/7 is enough to already make you shiver. And while I’ve always loved the ambiance and joy that surrounds winter, it’s safe to say that I was not prepared for a Boston winter when I moved up here last spring — but what can you expect from a Floridian? Thus, if any of you come from similar climates, this article will give you a few tips to help you brave the Boston cold and stay warm these upcoming months!

Invest in a jacket that can withstand extreme cold and wind

The wind in Boston is so intense that it makes me wonder how Chicago was ever labeled the “Windy City.” With that being said, for your body’s sake, it’s vital that you invest in getting winter clothes, especially a jacket, that can withstand the powerful winds and cold temperatures of the Northeast. However, it is never necessary to have to go out and buy a $1k Canada Goose coat just to stay warm, I bought my arctic coat at a Mountain Warehouse outlet for around $50, and it keeps me so warm that I come back from class sweating. Shop smarter not harder, ladies!

Get yourself a good pair of waterproof boots — I promise it’s okay if they’re ugly

Not only will you be walking against the wind most days, but you’ll also most likely be trudging in some snow and ice. Regular sneakers won’t last against the slush, so I suggest going out and buying a pair of waterproof boots that you can rely on to keep your feet warm and dry. My extra piece of advice: it’s perfectly okay to get a pair that isn’t the cutest because I promise by the end of the season they won’t be looking anywhere near brand new.

Keep hand lotion and gloves handy

Picture this: the hands you always lather in hand sanitizer, already a bit dry from all the alcohol, uncovered and cracking in below freezing temperature with gusts of wind hitting them. But, if you stumbled upon this article before the temperatures dropped, you already know to keep a pair of gloves and hand lotion in your bag at all times. Don’t let the winter ruin your hands — keep them warm and moisturized to maintain that softness!

Your room needs a humidifier 

I’ll make this one quick because it’s a bit gross to think about, but I implore you to look into getting a humidifier if you’re not used to the dry and cold temperatures of the Northeast. The dry cold will make your nose stuffy and bloody at the same time, and my Californian friend and I were prime recipients of the curse of bloody noses. I don’t want you to have to experience that, so you’ll thank me later when that humidifier keeps the moisture in your room.

Hydration is KEY for your hair!

Probably one of my least favorite parts of attending class during the winter is the constant changes of temperature and sweating from walking around in heavy coats. No one told me I’d feel like I need to take a shower after class every day, but hiking across campus to get to and from our dorms in a winter jacket — plus going in and out of buildings — works up quite a sweat, and you feel gross… a lot. Be sure to use hydrating shampoo and conditioner in order to not dry out your hair from all the washing! 

Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to something warm

I find myself being quite drained during the winter days, and the constant cold only works to slow us down. Thus, if I’m in the mood to grab myself a hot latte or hot chocolate, I don’t hesitate to make it over to the Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts on campus. Use those dining points to your advantage and get yourself something warm during these cold times, you deserve it!

Obviously, since I just moved to Boston last year I’m no expert on the cold, but because I’m from the South, I can tell you that it’s quite the adjustment to go through. My roommate is from Massachusetts, so I didn’t come to BU completely clueless, but I’m still learning things as I experience more and more seasons here in Boston.

If you’re used to the warmth, I hope these tips will help you brave the Northeast winter, and be sure to stay warm and hydrated!

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All the way from St. Petersburg, Florida, Isabella is currently a sophomore at Boston University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Public Policy Analysis. Her hobbies include coffee dates, traveling, concerts, and fashion, and you can usually find her running late to class with a Starbucks drink in her hand!