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Transferring schools as a college student can be stressful and intimidating. Here are eight tips I wish someone would have told me before my sophomore year began at BU. 

Set Boundaries With Your Roommate(s) 

This will allow you and your roommate to build respect, resolve conflicts faster, and establish a sense of comfort and privacy. 

Meet with an Advisor

Communicate your academic goals and learn how to achieve them. Create a plan to ensure you are on track and are fulfilling your graduation requirements. 

Keep an eye on Transfer Credits

Work closely with your previous and current schools to ensure your completed work is accounted for. If a specific credit did not transfer, reach out to an advisor and ask for clarity on why the credit(s) were not granted. 

Get to know your professors

Don’t be afraid to speak to professors. They are present to guide you in your academic journey and can be useful resources in the future. The best way to create a professional relationship with a professor is to utilize office hours, send emails, and participate in class. 

Get Involved

As a transfer, I was scared to join clubs my first semester. I finally joined a few clubs in my second semester and regretted not partaking in earlier. Joining clubs is an easy way to start meeting new people and making friends, especially as a transfer student. 

Explore the new area

Step out of your college bubble by experiencing the surrounding areas. Find new restaurants, exciting stores, or a potential new activity. This may help take your mind off school and implement a work/life balance. 

find a New Hobby

I bought a pack of colored pencils and a children’s coloring book from Target. Coloring allowed me to relax when I was feeling stressed. Play around with a few hobbies and find one that works for you.

Stay Positive

I initially struggled with the transition. However, I persevered by embracing the new school and recognizing that it was an opportunity for personal growth, new experiences, and life-long memories. 

I hope these quick tips will help guide you in your transfer process.

good luck To all my fellow transfer students at your new schools! 

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Alexandra Cedrowski is a new member at the Her Campus  at BU chapter. She publishes her own work on the site biweekly Outside of Her Campus, Alexandra had also participated in her high school’s newspaper. She is currently a sophomore at Boston University majoring in both journalism and business.  In her free time, Alexandra enjoys drawing, cooking and spending her time with her family and friends. Alexandra is also the owner of a small candle company named Scented Basement.