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The Absolute Best Places at BU to Study at During Your Grueling Finals Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Ah, finals. That glorious time of year where the end is so near, but suddenly so far away. For most of us BU students, we know the struggle all too well when we walk into Mugar and see a person sitting on every single seat, floor space, windowsill; you name it, someone’s sitting there. Here’s a list of alternative places to study if you’re a student at BU:

Claflin Basement Lounge

Of all the West Campus study lounges, Claflin is the best because it’s the quietest. My friends nicknamed it “the dungeon” because it’s quite dark and depressing in there, but it’s a great environment to power through your work.

Pavement Coffee House

Although Pavement might be just as difficult to get a seat in as Mugar, it’s a great place to study if you do well with a lot of activity around you. You absolutely MUST get the sunrise breakfast bagel sandwich on an everything bagel. It’s my ride or die.

StuVi 2 Floor 26

Basic as it may be, the 26th floor of StuVi 2 is a great place to get work done. Looking out onto the skyline is quite therapeutic amidst the craziness and stress of finals, and the chairs are so comfortable.

KHC study rooms

The Kilachand Honors College study rooms on the 9th floor are some of the most underrated places on campus to study because nobody knows about them. They even have a designated quiet room that everyone has to be silent in.

Yawkey Floors 3 and 5

If you’re not into the designated study rooms, there are lounges with comfy chairs that are really nice if you’re looking for a lowkey place to do work. There are usually people there, but it’s an understanding that you’ll mind your own business and do work.

Hopefully, these places give you some extra motivation to explore campus during finals! If you have a favorite (or least favorite) place to study, feel free to comment it below!


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