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Abby’s Album A Day: Quarantine Edition, Part III

Back at it again with an album a day! With finals quickly approaching, I’ve been listening to a lot more music than normal. Here are my weekly listens.  

Monday, April 20: WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO? by Billie Eilish

People can say what they want about Billie Eilish, but this has to be one of the most successful debut albums released this century. The thought and care that went into the production of this album are impressive. Each song is distinct and totally different from the next. Eilish’s voice is impeccable and paired with the emotional lyrics— you are bound to find a song that you enjoy. Billie mixes it up, singing dance bangers followed by emotional slow tunes. And to do this all at age 18? Insane.

Tuesday, April 21: Telefone by Noname

Despite knowing a handful of these songs by heart, I had never actually sat down and listened to Noname’s first album entirely. Noname’s rap flows naturally and she speaks on important themes of self-love and black excellence. The other artists she chooses to collaborate with pair well with the songs. I was shocked that I hadn’t heard this before and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of female rappers. 

Wednesday, April 22: Rubber Soul by The Beatles

After watching the movie ‘Yesterday’ a few weeks ago, I thought it would only be right to spend a day listening to The Beatles’ greatest tunes. It’s hard to critique some of the best singer-songwriters. Rubber Soul is one of The Beatles’ most important albums, really establishing their career as music icons and not just another boy band. This record is mellow and laid back and is perfect for lounging in the sun.

Thursday, April 23: Blonde by Frank Ocean

This album is simply iconic. It reminds me a lot of the winter of my senior year. I love Frank’s honesty and transparency on this album. Compared to Channel Orange, this album touches on more personal themes of love, loss, and loneliness. Frank’s lyricism is astounding, as well as the range of sounds he produces. Ranging from sweet songs like ‘Pink + White’ to chaotic, louder tracks like ‘Pretty Sweet,’ Frank shows the listeners that there’s nothing he can’t do.

Friday, April 24: love is not dying by Jeremy Zucker

I’ve known Jeremy Zucker for his single ‘comethru,’ which was one of my favorite songs of last summer. So, naturally, I was pretty excited to hear his newest release. If you’re looking for an album to cry to, this is the one. Many of Jeremy Zucker’s songs are emotional and heartfelt. I also enjoyed how he incorporated recordings he took during conversations or small moments of his life. While I enjoyed some of the tracks, a lot of them felt repetitive. I also thought that sometimes the sadness of the lyrics felt corny or forced. Overall though, Zucker’s first album was a good start for his career.

Saturday, April 25: City Club by The Growlers

The Growlers is one of my friend’s favorite bands so I had to give their most recent album a listen. I loved the guitar lines on this piece. The album as a whole felt very grungy and retro, with emphasis placed on the lead singer’s gravelly voice. The band’s sound reminded me of Cage The Elephant. While nothing particularly stuck out about this album, it definitely made me feel like a badass while I was walking my dog.

Sunday, April 26: Bury Me At Makeout Creek by Mitski

Many of my friends praise Mitski as a cultural icon. Yet, for some reason, I have avoided her music for a while. I thought I should break this barrier by listening to her one of her first widely recognized pieces. Mitski’s vocals are impressive throughout this album. I was also a huge fan of the beats she used, as they sounded very innovative and different. While her music isn’t something I would typically choose to listen to, I can definitely appreciate her work.

With finals right around the corner, it can be very easy to put on some background music and listen to new tracks. I would recommend any of the artists you see here. Or, if you need further inspiration, head over to my Spotify.

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Abby Gross is a sophomore at BU studying neuroscience! Shawty likes listening to music, being outside, eating dim sum, and hanging out with neat people.
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