Aaron Dowdy (CFA '17)

If what you’re looking for is a do-it-all good-looking guy with a great attitude and a lot of personality, look no further! Aaron Dowdy is your guy! He is a 19 year old Acting major in the College of Fine Arts at Boston University. A sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia, Aaron sure is proud of his Southern roots. He’s an absolutely fascinating guy with a lot to say and a smile always on his face.

            Aaron loves Acting school because he says it is very disciplined and very self-exploratory. He said it is a full experience “shared with people that you grow to love deeply.” Currently, he says his favorite classes are Movement 2, Singing for the Actor, Alexander Technique, and Acting. Alexander Technique teaches him how to move his body in the most efficient way. He said it “guides you to change your life through posturing.” Aaron said that the college professor who has affected him most so far would be Mark Cohen, an incredible acting teacher who is honest and blunt with good intentions. His favorite thing that he has been taught so far in college has been that you need to depend on yourself: “Not in a sad way,” he said, “You just learn how to take care of yourself.”

            Aaron went to high school in Atlanta at Harrison High, and he loved his experience there. He said that he was super involved.  He was first inspired to act in high school from a teacher named Mr. Hall who guided him to what acting could potentially be and introduced Aaron to what would come to be his passion. Aaron used to be involved in theater, basketball, and he was very social in high school. He was a part of a number of different sports in high school like basketball, football, baseball, and for a while, even karate! Even though he doesn’t currently play sports, he goes to the gym around four times a week. His favorite exercises are anything that has to do with the chest. But he especially loves to bench press.

            Aaron said that his favorite piece of advice is to “trust yourself, nothing is perfect, and don’t predict, live in the moment.” And he definitely does! He said he spends his free time around his friends, at plays and movies, and at EDM music concerts. But he said that the advice comes in handy most right before he goes on stage for a show. He said his dearest friend is Linoy because she is truly special. Aaron said “she will let go with me and be silly, there is no judgment, and we can laugh at anything.” Aaron said that his favorite movie is The Hours, which is a feminist movie about three women and their stories. He said that his favorite artist is Dib Low, an EDM artist because “you just can’t sit still to the music.”

            Aaron is passionate about becoming an actor. He said that his favorite play he has ever acted in would be The Crucible, where he played Jon Proctor, because it was a well written play that was very challenging. But he said that his dream role would be Neil in the Dead Poet’s Society because he feels that he can connect with the part and understands it; plus he loves the story. He said that he would like to act in comedies, preferably movies but said that he would not want to give up drama or the stage at any point. In five years he says that he sees himself working as an actor, hopefully in LA.

            And yes, he is single! He said that his ideal significant other would be comfortable, attractive, easy-going, silly, and someone who stands up for themselves and isn’t pushed around. The most important quality to Aaron, though? An honest smile, and bright eyes. His dream date is definitely a lavish one; he would love to be on a boat headed to a beach.

            Aaron Dowdy is an awesome guy with a great personality that is totally infectious. He is super genuine, but meet him now, he could be famous when he leaves here!