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A Guide to Picking Your Next Vacation Destination

After going a year or longer without being able to travel internationally, choosing a destination can be overwhelming. There are so many cool places to see in the world and such little time! Within this article, I plan on compiling a small list of must-see destinations that I’ve been lucky enough to visit, in hopes of helping you pick your next vacation getaway destination.


If you like vacationing in cities, London is perfect for you. With many restaurants, shops, and a good amount of history, London has plenty to offer. A few favorites are visiting the Harry Potter studio sets, taking a ride on the London Eye, as well as riding in one of the red double-decker buses. London is a hub for many fascinating cultures and you’re bound to find something exciting to do!


Hawaii is a great choice for those who love the beach and all other water activities. Not only can you swim, surf, go whale watching, kite surfing, cage diving, and more, but you can also go on gorgeous hikes around the island, take breathtaking helicopter tours, and get a taste of Hawaiian culture with the Luaus. Hawaii is definitely a favorite of mine and I highly suggest planning a trip there if you get the chance.

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For those who enjoy more rugged excursions, India is definitely a must-see. The many different cultures and traditions there are fascinating to explore, especially since it’s very different from the U.S. India is also home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World — the Taj Mahal — and is a really good place to visit if you love trying new cuisine. Also, the city centers and more rural parts of the country provide completely different experiences, so it’s worth spending time in both.


Spain is a great place to visit if you like trying new cuisines as well as learning about art and architecture. There are also many amazing cathedrals to visit if historical significance interests you! Spain has many lively cities, each one unique and fun. One of the coolest places to visit is their famous cathedral, La Sagrada Familia. Construction will be completed on its 100-year anniversary in 2026.


Norway is perfect for anyone who enjoys nature. The fjords are breathtaking and the small fishing communities found along the coast are highly interesting. There’s so much character and history to learn about regarding The Vikings. You’re also able to see the Northern Lights there, which is so cool! Plus, they have really good, fresh seafood!


Looking for a new vacation spot can be challenging. I hope this article has helped you learn a little more about each of the five places listed and has helped you gauge whether they’d be interesting for you or not.

I had a great time in each of these places, and I’m sure you will too!

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