8 Best Places for a Picnic in Boston

Every season is perfect for picnic-ing with your besties...except for winter. As the weather gets colder and more miserable, enjoy the little warmth we have left by having a picnic! 

Picnics are a great way to still be able to see your loved ones, be outdoors, and stay safely socially distanced. If you’re in Boston, here are a few places to picnic.

  1. 1. The Charles River Esplanade

    The first place is obviously the Esplanade. The Esplanade is huge, so there are many options. With all the animals walking around and people biking, jogging, skating, and just hanging out—it’s a great place to hang out with people. It’s absolutely beautiful and there’s a lot of space to lounge around.

  2. 2. The Boston Public Garden

    Pretty close to the Esplanade is the Boston Public Garden. It’s a Boston gem and the perfect way to sightsee and walk around.

  3. 3. The Commonwealth Avenue Mall

    While you can’t really lay a blanket down and lie down, there are plenty of benches and space to walk and take pictures!

  4. 4. Copley Square

    Curtain-wall Building Behind Red and Beige Concrete Cathedral

    If you’re not feeling like lying down and just grabbing a quick bite, the Copley Square across from the Boston Public Library has benches and is another photogenic gem.

  5. 5. The Seaport 

    If you’re looking for somewhere fancier, the Seaport has a bunch of space and outdoor seating where you can grab some grub. Plus, it turns into a Snowport during the holiday season! You can find plenty of safe and fun winter activities to do with your friends or partner.

  6. 6. Coolidge Corner

    Not too far from Allston is Coolidge Corner, which is a cozy spot where you can shop and eat and sit around in a few places.

  7. 7. Amory Park

    Amory Park is a park near the Boston University campus that is great for picnics and generally just hanging out.

  8. 8. Corey Hill Outlook

    If you want a challenge, hike it up the large hill and check out the Corey Hill Outlook. It’s so peaceful and spacey.

I love picnics, but sadly it’s getting colder. However, if you’re like me and too paranoid to go to indoors restaurants, these places to eat outdoors are great!

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