8 Affordable Halloween Costumes

Halloween is around the corner which means it’s time to start ordering costumes! As college students, most of us are busy and on a budget, so here are a few ideas that will help you save money and order online so you don’t have to spend any time shopping. Don’t forget to post pictures in your costumes and tag @HerCampus and @HerCampusBU

1. Animals:

Photo via pinterest.com 

Let’s face it, there’s really no easier costume than a cat, a mouse, or a bunny. Many of us can get away with ordering the ears and using our own wardrobes for the rest! If you want to go above and beyond, though, you can achieve this fierce cheetah look with a black skirt, fishnets, a leopard printed top, ears, and whiskers drawn from eyeliner!

2. Spice Girls:

Photo via pinterest.com

If you have a friend group of five, then this group costume idea is meant for you! It allows for individuality among the group and, again, you can get many of the items from your own closet. Of course, each Spice Girl’s outfit will be different, but some universally affordable websites to sort through are boohoo.com, asos.com, and forever21.com.

3. Vampires:

Photo via youtube.com

This one is seriously too easy!  All you will need to buy are fangs and fake blood which you can find on Amazon Prime. As for the outfit, just wear any black clothing from your wardrobe… and if you really want to get into character, we recommend some shredded/distressed clothing.

4. Millionaires:

This one is my personal favorite because you can go thrift shopping to find most of these items! Think furry coats, dollar sign necklaces, and sunglasses! You can totally individualize this costume and reuse many of the pieces in your day-to-day wardrobe.

5. Criminals:

Photo via pinterest.com

My friends and I got so many compliments on this costume last year! You can either wear all orange or black and white stripes with a black beanie and handcuffs. Many of us already own a black and white striped top, but for those who don’t, here’s the perfect excuse to add one to your wardrobe! This is a very simple costume idea that requires minimal effort and is very comfortable for dancing all night.

6. 80’s Workout Instructor:

Photo via popsugar.com

This is definitely the most comfortable costume you could wear this Halloween! You can totally make this one your own and go all out or, if you wish, you could make it very simple. Go for colorful leggings, neon headbands, running shoes, etc.

7. Frat Boys:

photo via gurl.com 

Here’s a costume that can cost you $0!!!! Ask some of your guy friends if you can borrow a white button down and a visor, then throw on a pair of spandex underneath. If you have boat shoes (such as Sperrys) then go for it! Other possible accessories are sunglasses, khakis, or really anything from Patagonia.

8. Pageant Princess:

Photo via sparklycrystal.com 

This is the one I’m most excited to use this year because it’s just so cute and fun! Throw on your favorite dress, high heels (or sneakers if you wish), a sash, and a tiara! You can find cheap sashes and tiaras online at amazon.com or most Halloween stores. I love this costume idea because it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your favorite dress and feel like the princess that you are!

Hope this list serves you well in picking out some affordable and cute costume ideas for Halloween! 


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