7 Ways to Wear Glitter and Still Look Like a Grown Up

I feel like glitter gets a bad rap. People say it’s for children playing dress up, that it’s trashy and over the top. Personally, I beg to differ. I love glitter; what’s not to love about it? It’s sparkly and shimmery, and makes me feel like a fairy princess. I can use it as a subtle accent on everyday basis, or use it as the finishing touch on a super glam look. Either way, no matter how much or how little you pack on, a little bit of glitter always pack a punch. More and more companies are putting out new and interesting glittery products for the eyes, lips and cheeks. Glitter has become less of a fashion faux pas and is much more of a fashion statement! Keep reading to see how you can use glitter to take your look to the next level.

1. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner

Love the look of glitter, but hate the messiness of it? Urban Decay delivers glittery goodness without the mess with their line of Heavy Metal Liquid Liners. These beautiful, iridescent eye-liners are easy, a one-step product to help you get a super sparkly look; no glitter glue or messy loose glitter needed! You can use these to create a really precise line on the upper lash line, or you can apply all over the lid for a messier, grungy look. They come in a ton of different shades, don’t budge once applied, and at 20 bucks a pop, are pretty affordable! What more could you want? Most popular is Midnight Cowboy, a beautiful true gold that goes great with almost any eye look. My personal favorite? Distortion, a really interesting blue-green that is a statement all on its own!

2. Colourpop Super Shock Ultra-Glitter Shadows

For a mess-free, hassle-free shimmer, check out the Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows in their Ultra Glitter Finish. These creme-to-powder eyeshadows are known for their unique bouncy texture, come in a bunch of super cool and unique colors, and are shot through with fine glitter to deliver a multidimensional, super sparkly finish. For a light wash of shimmer, check out Frog, which is described as an “icy silvery purple with rainbow glitter” or Tassel, listed as a “bright true white with silver glitter.” Looking to pack a little more punch? Swipe on Dare, described as a “shockingly neon purple with hot pink and violet glitter,” or  Helio, Goodbye, a “rich copper with gold glitter.” Either way, all it takes is one simple swipe of one of these unique shades to immediately transform your look! And at the super cheap price of $5.00, grab as many as you’d like! A girl can never have too much glitter!

3. Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows

If you’re more of liquid eyeshadow person, the Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows are absolutely incredible. These are super long-wearing sparkle eyeshadows have a super lovely glittery finish that isn’t too over the top; I consider these shadows to have a nice sophisticated shimmer. Once applied, these shadows dry down and stay put, so you don’t have to worry about glitter flaking off all over your face. I use the shade Kitten Karma most often; it’s a beautiful rosy champagne that looks just as nice as a sheer wash of sparkle blended softly across the eye as it does as a more opaque, intense layer built up on the lid!

4. Ciate Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks

If you prefer a statement lip and are looking to incorporate some glitter into your look, get the best of both worlds with Ciate’s Glitter Flip Liquid Lipsticks. All you have to do once you apply is press lips together and watch the magic happen as the metallic matte liquid lipstick magically transforms into a stunning multi-dimensional glitter lip right before your eyes. These are long wearing but also super comfortable, so they’ll last all night but won’t leave you with dry, crusty lips.  You could keep it neutral with their nude shade, appropriately called Undressed, or go all out and rock a teal glitter lip with their shade Siren. These super unique and innovative lipsticks are a super easy way to amp up your look!

5. IGK Pre-party Hair Strobing Glitter Spray!

Another super unique and innovative product on the market right now is the new IGK Pre-party Hair Strobing Glitter Spray. This product is described as “a strobing glitter spray that captures and diffuses light for a soft, luminous, hypnotizing effect—day and night.”

The glitter is super finely milled, so it never looks chunky or leaves hair feeling crunchy or heavy. Plus, the nozzle dispenses product really evenly so it doesn’t clump up and leave you with patches of super thick glitter. It’s a fun and unexpected way to amp up a hairstyle! Whether you’re going for some simple beachy waves or looking to get more glam with a super intricate updo, why not add some glitter?

6. Essie Luxeffects Top Coat

Want to have your nails to be just as glittery and trendy? Check out the Essie Luxeffects Top Coats. These glittery top coats come in two cool shades: a silver glitter and a bronzy-gold glitter. You can wear these alone, or on top of your favorite nail polish. I definitely have to check these out; the silver glitter would look so cool on top of a dark blue or black nail color! With the chunky silver glitter sitting on top of a dark base coat, it would almost look like you’ve got the night sky on your fingertips!

7. Go all out with Super Glitters huge selection of loose glitters!

If you know your way around glitter and are comfortable using loose glitters or pigments, definitely check out superglitter.com; they have an unmatched selection of affordable, high-quality glitter. At $1.25 a jar and free shipping on orders over $15.00, you’re getting the best bang for your buck! I use the iridescent shades the most; they are beautiful and multifaceted, so they layer well over any eyeshadow shade and look super cool when packed on at the inner corner of the eyes! If you have difficulty picking stuff out on your own, you can also get your hands on some nicely curated glitter assortments.

You don’t have to be afraid of glitter anymore; these products are fun and super user-friendly! They can make the sparkle be as intense or as subtle as you want, as precise or as messy as you so desire. Remember, makeup has no rules; it’s supposed to be fun and creative. I think glitter really epitomizes that vibe, so crazy and get your sparkle on!



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