7 TED Talks to Watch ASAP

I’m sure you’ve watched at least one TED Talk in your life, and for good reason. They are always so thought-provoking and inspirational, after watching one you feel the need to go out and change the world, or something along that line. Here are a few of the most well-known TED Talks to date to watch ASAP.


1. If I Should Have a Daughter by Sarah Kay

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Kay presents two of her spoken-word poems and then inspires you to write and present your own. She talks about the ability that poetry, and words in general, has to connect us all. 


2. Your Elusive Creative Genius by Elizabeth Gilbert

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The author of Eat, Pray, Love delves into why creativity does not have to be synonymous with suffering. She encourages those looking to become an artist, an author, a filmmaker, or something of the sort, to follow their passion without fear. 


3. Why 30 is Not the New 20 by Meg Jay

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This is a very relevant talk to college-aged students as they enter their twenties and, well, try to figure out their lives. Jay uses evidence to prove that our 20s are vital, and we should take advantage of the time we have while we’re in them. 


4. Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders by Sheryl Sanberg

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This talk is about the lack of women in leadership roles in the workplace, what to do about this problem, and how young women and aspiring business professionals can take their career to the next level despite society’s norms. 


5. The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain

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If you’re an introvert, watch this. If you’re an extrovert, watch this. In a world seemingly built for extroverted people, it’s important to realize that anybody, no matter your personality type, can thrive. 


6. A Virtual Choir 2,000 Voices Strong by Eric Whitacre

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This talk reminds us of the power of human connection and collaboration, and is perfect to watch if you’re ever feeling a little bit lonely.


7. How to Make Stress Your Friend by Kelly McGonigal

Photo from ted.com

Again, as a college-aged student, this is the perfect talk for you. In the midst of exams, it’s important to know how to handle, and in this case, befriend stress and anxiety. 


After watching these TED Talks, I hope you feel motivated, inspired, thoughtful, and open. HCXO!


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Cover photo from cnandco.com