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7 Signs That You Have the Spirit of a Mermaid

As children, many of us went through phases where we insisted that we were mermaids. For some of us (including myself), that phase never ended. I still love everything related to mermaids. Sadly, I admit that I do not have scales or a tail and mermaids may not actually be real, but I believe in having the spirit of a mermaid.

1. You live by the mottos in Aquamarine.

Starring the 2006 teenage versions of Sara Paxton, Emma Roberts, and JoJo, Aquamarine is such an iconic movie. With a little mermaid magic, the movie teaches us important and still relevant lessons about friendship, love, and summer. Ever wondered why everyone is constantly chasing the concept of love? It’s because “it’s the closest thing we have to magic.”

2. “Mermaid” was your favorite pool game.

Despite not having an actual tail, you would pretend by sticking your legs together and mermaid kicking through the water. Don’t try to deny it – we’ve all done it. Also, you always fought with your friend over whose mermaid alter-ego got to be named Crystal.

3. You love glitter.

Every mermaid has a little sparkle and glitter is the perfect way to easily and instantly feel magical. It may get a little messy but mermaids don’t give a shark! They’re too busy being enchanting to care.

4. Your happy place is the beach.

A mermaid’s home is the ocean, an endless underwater world. With the sand between your toes and the ocean breeze calling your name, the beach is the closest mermaid-spirited humans can feel at home unless they suddenly sprout gills and a tail and can swim across the ocean. 

5. You looked up to Ariel.

Even though you probably realized how problematic The Little Mermaid is when you got older, you still went through a phase when you wished you were Ariel. Ignoring the part where she gave up her tail and voice for a man she had never met, Ariel was incredibly fearless, independent, and confident.

6. You religiously watched H2O: Just Add Water.

You can sing the theme song by pure memory too! Everyone had their favorite mermaid – Cleo, Emma, or Rikki – and wished they too could find a mysterious island that would transform them into mermaids and give them special powers. By the way, did you know H2O is available on Netflix? Sounds like a perfect Netflix marathon to me.

7. You never stopped believing in magic.

The world is just more interesting when magic exists! Even if you outgrew your mermaid obsession, magic doesn’t have to apply to just mythical beings or paranormal activities. Magic is an idea – a combination of hope, love, and joy – that you can choose to believe in every day.

I hope these signs of having a mermaid spirit helped you reminisce the good ole’ days when you watched H2O and swam like a mermaid in the pool. Remember that even if what happened in The Thirteenth Year never happened to you, you can still have the spirit of a mermaid by having a zest for life, loving the ocean, and believing in magic.


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Alexandra Kallfelz is a senior studying journalism at Boston University. Besides writing, Alexandra's passions include color guard, travel, Netflix, music, and Disney. She is a pure-blood New Englander and a dog fanatic.
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