7 Reasons Why You Should Care About the Boston Bruins

Some of my earliest memories of Boston include driving up from my hometown to see a Boston Bruins game at TD Garden. My dad played hockey in high school, so as I grew up, he taught me to love the sport. I was admittedly reluctant at first — I was not necessarily into sports in high school, and although hockey players definitely impressed me (I can barely stand in skates, let alone race back and forth while handling a puck and avoiding getting slammed into the boards), I just didn’t care enough to follow the sport. 

However, the more I learned about the Boston Bruins, the harder it was to stay indifferent. Now, I consider myself an enthusiastic fan. Just the other week, I went to a Wednesday night game despite having homework (we beat the New Jersey Devils 2-0, go B’s!), so I suppose my priorities have changed a little since high school. In an effort to spread the Bruins love, I’ve compiled seven reasons why the Bruins have made me love their extremely talented, sometimes goofy, close-knit organization.

  1. 1. O captain, our captain: Zdeno Chara.

    Chara is pictured here with Roco Grimaldi of the Nashville Predators, who is on the shorter end of the NHL at 5’ 6”.

    Who else could I start out with but the captain of the Bruins himself, Zdeno Chara? Chara is exceptional all-around; besides being an amazing captain, he is also currently the oldest and tallest active player in the NHL (42 years old and 6’ 9”). He even had to be given an exception to NHL stick length regulations in order to play with a stick that is long enough for him — and even then his is the longest exception that the NHL allows.

    A lot of the camaraderie among the team is often contributed to Chara’s leadership — He is known for rejecting the concept of rookies, once stating to NBC Sports, “We are treating everybody the same way no matter if somebody is 18, or 40, or somebody has 1,000 games or is playing in their first game... I don’t like to use the word ‘rookie.’ They are our teammates. I just don’t like to separate.”

  2. 2. Literally anything that happens on Behind the B.

    When Patrice Bergeron, everyone’s favorite Bruin, was mic’d up for his 1,000th game, wholesomeness ensued between him and his linemate and friend Brad Marchand.

    Behind the B, as the title would suggest, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the Bruins organization throughout the year (although mostly during the regular season). This show is an easy watch and certainly a gem for fans who appreciate goofy antics on the ice and off. I personally love it when the players get “mic’d up” for a game, because the dialogue that the producers catch on tape is often hilarious.

  3. 3. Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron’s friendship.

    In one instance of off-ice camaraderie, Marchand took great care preparing a Valentine’s Day card for Bergeron, who then revealed his own Valentine’s Day surprise for Marchand in return.

    That last clip is just the tip of the iceberg of how wholesome and heartwarming Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand’s friendship is. Bergeron, referred to as “St. Patrice” by some fans, is always composed, calm under pressure, and ready to lead the team. He is known for his sportsmanship as well as his skill for being a defensive forward. 

    By contrast, Brad Marchand is known across the league as a pest, many comparing him (mostly because of appearance) to a rat. He is widely regarded as the type of player that others either love to have on their team or hate to play against. However, people often fail to talk about how Marchand is a family man who has been outspoken about LGBTQ+ rights (a rarity in the NHL) and loves to support charity events and fundraisers. 

    Together, Bergeron and Marchand have great chemistry on and off the ice. In interviews, they are constantly gushing about each other’s skills, often passing off credit for their achievements to the other. Bergeron, a native of Québec City, has even attempted to teach Marchand some French, claiming, “He’s pretty good. He doesn’t have only the swear words.”

  4. 4. Who is taller: Brad or Torey?

    Marchand’s Photoshop skills clearly came in handy, as he posted this on St. Patrick’s Day to tease Torey Krug.

    Brad Marchand has an ongoing battle with teammate Torey Krug: who is taller? They are both listed on the official roster as being 5’ 9” (along with teammate Matt Grzelcyk, making them the three shortest Bruins), but Krug and Marchand both insist that they have an edge on the other as far as height goes. The silly battle took to social media and has resulted in many posts where they each poke fun at the other’s short stature. A complete history of their rivalry can be found here, but there are definitely some moments that stand out.

  5. 5. A plethora of hometown heroes and BU boys.

    As a BU student, the Bruins are the perfect team to cheer for. There are three BU Terrier hockey alumni on the current Bruins roster: Charlie McAvoy, Matt Grzelcyk, and Charlie Coyle. Out of that group, Grzelcyk and Coyle are hometown heroes along with teammate Chris Wagner, hailing from Charlestown, Weymouth, and Walpole respectively. The players who are Massachusetts natives have all expressed excitement about playing for the team they grew up cheering for — especially Grzelcyk, whose father worked in TD Garden when he was young.

    Grzelcyk and McAvoy’s time at BU overlapped as Grzelcyk was a senior and team captain during McAvoy’s freshman year — the two were even BU’s top defensive pair for 24 games during that season.

  6. 6. Ugly holiday suits.

    Here, the Bruins arrive at TD Garden ready to faceoff against the New York Rangers in some… unorthodox pregame outfits. 

    Some NHL teams have traditions that keep up team morale and liven up the locker room. The Bruins have a particularly hilarious tradition: around the holidays, they all wear ugly holiday suits before a game, often aiming to outdo each other in terms of how ridiculous their outfits are. The players seem to get very into the tradition, which delights fans and brightens up the pregame atmosphere, just in time for the holidays. 

  7. 7. David Pastrňák’s fashion sense — love it or hate it, it’s iconic either way.

    David Pastrňák shows off his wildly patterned suit, displaying the fashion sense that divides fans and teammates alike.

    David Pastrňák (nicknamed Pasta by fans and teammates), one of the top scorers for the Bruins, is known for being adventurous with his fashion sense. While some argue that he misses the mark with his more far-out looks, I personally appreciate his efforts to elevate his personal style, especially when hockey isn’t known for being a sport with trendsetting players. (The Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid wore a skate lace as a belt to the most recent NHL Awards… I’d argue that’s a worse fashion crime than a suit with a fun pattern.) 

Oh yeah, maybe I forgot to mention the most obvious reason to love the Bruins… they’re a talented team of hockey players. The team has its ups and downs, as any team does, but at the end of the day it’s a blast to watch them play. If you’re looking to start following the B’s, their regular season kicks off on October 3rd at 8:30pm ET against the Dallas Stars.


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