7 Pieces You Need in Your Winter Wardrobe

It’s f**king cold. If you’re also currently in the ice cube known as New England, then you know just how cold it is. I was out on Saturday morning and there was ice on the sidewalks. I repeat, ICE ON THE SIDEWALKS. Despite it only being November, these temperatures tell me it is time to switch over my wardrobe because winter is quickly approaching and your girl does not do well in the cold.

Having grown up in Massachusetts, I’m relatively “used to the cold” (by that I mean I know it’s going to get cold every year but I’m still surprised every year when it drops below 50 degrees). After going through this for the past 19 and a half years, I’ve figured out some things I have to have in my winter wardrobe in order to stay warm but to also still look cute. Lucky for you, I’m going to tell you my top seven pieces for your winter wardrobe.

1. Basic t-shirts for layering

Photo Credit: Target

This may seem obvious, but I really didn’t own any of these until my freshman year of college. I always like to have a white, black, or grey basic t-shirt on hand like this one from Target. They’re super comfy and easy to just throw on with anything from jeans to leggings to skirts and match whatever jewelry you want to wear without taking away from the pattern since it’s like a solid background.

They’re light enough that you can wear a cardigan and/or a coat over them and be warm, but also so that if a professor is blasting the heat and you feel like you’re gonna melt you can be comfortable in short sleeves. The last thing anyone wants is sweat stains on a grey t-shirt. Do not recommend.

2. Dark wash/ black jeans

Photo Credit: Pini MG

Much like basic t-shirts, dark wash and black jeans go with almost everything. They’re easy to dress down with a graphic tee or a sweater, but they can also be dressed up with a flowy blouse and a good pair of heels of over the knee boots. Viola, you have a chic outfit while wearing your favorite jeans.

My personal favorite are high-waisted jeans like these from Charlotte Russe.

PRO TIP: I only buy my jeans from Charlotte Russe because they’re ridiculously comfy, they’re stretchy, they have all different styles and colors, and if you’re curvy like me and have a waist and butt that don’t match, their jeans fit snug in all the right places and look pretty frickin' bomb.

I specify dark wash and black because they look best for the winter season. Colors become more monochrome and grey-ish and dark in the winter and it just goes with the atmosphere. I just don’t feel right wearing light wash or white jeans when the weather is cold and grey like it has been lately. They’re also so much warmer than those leggings you could get away with in the fall but that are slowly becoming too thin for this frigid weather.

3. Over-the-knee boots/ knee-high socks

Much like a good pair of jeans, a good pair of boots and high socks are essential for my winter wardrobe. Not only are over-the-knee boots supremely popular right now, they’re also super cute and comfy if you find the right pair.

I’ve seen them in tons of color and fabrics, but I stick with a good charcoal grey/ black pair for every day since, big surprise, they go with everything. That’s the theme of most of my wardrobe in winter—I like things to kind of match everything else because it makes picking outfits in the morning easy when all I want to do is get cozy in bed.

I also like to keep a good pair of knee-high socks for a few reasons. They can add a cute detail to an outfit when they peak out of the top of your boot, if they’re a different color, or if they have lace at the top. It’s a small touch, but it definitely contributes to the overall look of the outfit.

Bonus: they both keep you warm since they cover a good portion of your legs. Definitely comes in handy if you still want to break out your jean skirt without getting goosebumps.

4. Fuzzy sweaters

Photo Credit: Charlotte Russe 

Need I explain? You can’t go wrong with a fuzzy sweater and a pair of black jeans with booties. It’s my go-to when I don’t know what else to wear because it’s comfy, fashionable, warm, and it can double as a blanket for those in between class naps!

They’re also perfect for the days you’re cold AND lazy because it’s a no-brainer. They’re a great transition piece from fall to winter because you can go from lighter sweaters to heavier ones depending on your desired level of fuzz and warmth.  

My favorite place to buy sweaters is definitely Charlotte Russe (like the one in the photo above) or Primark. They’re a good price, great quality, and trendy.

5. Comfy sweatshirts


Honestly, this is half of my winter wardrobe based on sheer comfort and ease. I throw on a tank top and then put one over it with my athletic leggings and Nikes and call it a day.

I like to pull this out when I oversleep or when I just can’t be bothered—you’ll often see me sporting this during study period and midterms along with a messy bun and an XL coffee.

They can be easily layered, so if you have a t-shirt on underneath you can take it off if you’re too hot. I especially love them oversized. Oversized sweatshirts just feel comfier because I feel like I can wrap myself in it and be like a little warm burrito. They’re also great for repping brands you love, your hometown or favorite place, or clubs and causes you support like the beautiful Her Campus sweatshirts we got this year that I practically live in ;)

6. Beanies/ earmuffs/ scarves


Photo Credit: Forever 21

When getting dressed during the winter people usually think of keeping their torso and lower-body warm, but we often times forget our head and ears are exposed to the weather and can get cold too.

When it starts to drop below 40 degrees, baseball hats or Snapbacks just don’t cut it for me, especially when it’s windy. This is when I break out my beanie collection. Earmuffs are just as good for keeping your ears warm and can be unbelievably cute like these ones from Forever 21 (I tried them on the other day and was about three seconds from buying them; they’re so warm)

Scarves are a no-brainer as well—they keep you warm, they’re super fashionable because of the number of colors, styles, and fabrics they come in, and they can double as a blanket or pillow. My favorite place to buy them is Charming Charlie’s because they sell amazing accessories, shoes, clothing, and décor for a good price as well as a ridiculous amount of scarves.

Bottom line with these three is they’re all cute, comfy, and, most importantly, functional. You can match them to any outfit you’re going to strut down Comm Ave in and look bomb.

7. Coat


Photo Credit: Charlotte Russe 

My best friend Janelle and I often refer to our winter coats as b***hy snow coats because, let’s be real, your winter coat is mostly like your most extra coat.

Often times on campus I’ll see people sporting Canada Goose coats, but there are plenty of other options like the one above which is linked here. I know we all want Canada Goose coats, but your girl does not have that kind of money right now.

Coats are great because they come in all different colors, styles, lengths, with or without fur, and are different levels of warmth depending on how much you layer and how cold it is.

It seems obvious to have one just to stay warm, but coats can be a great addition to any outfit and really add a personal touch. Right now, I have a white one with gold studs, but I’m planning on investing in either an army green or navy coat because it’s a subtle pop of color to add a little extra something to my outfit, but it’s still easy to match and is sophisticated.

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know my top pieces for your winter wardrobe. For me, surviving winter is all about making sure you’re comfortable and cozy in the cold weather. I like to be as warm and comfy in my outfit as I was in my bed… or close to it. Nothing really compares to your bed.

I stick to basics and add pops of color or sparkle with jewelry and accessories, but basics just make things easy and when it’s cold and gross out, I don’t have as much inspiration for a cute outfit.

I hope this gave you some good ideas of something to add to your wardrobe, or to use a few pieces you already have and I hope to see you all rocking this down Comm Ave this winter! HCXO lovelies!


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