7 Goals I Have for Summer 2019 to Become My Best Self

I honestly cannot believe my second year of college is coming to an end in just 2 short weeks. I cannot fathom how fast this year went, and how much I got to do and be a part of. However, as happy as I am to reminisce on the past year, I also want to make sure I look ahead and set a few goals for myself going into summer 2019. Here are the top 7 goals I have for myself over the next few months. 

  1. 1. Spend more time with my family.

    Being away at college is taxing when it comes to relationships with friends and family who are still at home. Over the summer, I want to rejuvenate those relationships and make them even better than before. Other than my mom, I rarely speak to many other family members while at school with all the work and other responsibilities I have. Summer is the perfect time to change this up. My biggest focus this summer is going to be connecting more with the people I love the most.

  2. 2. Read for fun.

    A realization I’ve had this past semester is that I no longer read books for the sake of reading. Everything I read is an assignment now, and pursuing a philosophy and psychology degree is A LOT of reading. I was reading a book for a class a few weeks ago and realized that I miss reading for fun. So, this summer, I plan on going to the library and picking up the first book I see, reading it, and continuing that cycle throughout the summer!

  3. 3. Make some money, but not burning out while doing so.

    I use the summers to work at a local store at home so I can have money saved up for the coming year. Last summer, it worked out pretty well, but I definitely felt burnt out by the constant shifts I kept picking up. This summer, I want to continue working, but instead of making it unbearable for myself, I plan on taking it a down a notch so I can still enjoy my relaxing summer!

  4. 4. Visit a new place.

    I’m really hoping that I get the opportunity to travel this summer, even if it’s just a road trip to a new place close by. I totally believe that experiencing cultures outside my own is exceptionally important in growing up and taking on new world views; Learning happens a lot more often outside the classroom than one would think. Therefore, I’m hoping to travel a bunch this summer, and maybe even go abroad somewhere.

  5. 5. Stay healthy.

    This summer is all about keeping myself happy, healthy, and ready for whatever may come my way! Maybe I’ll take up hiking as a hobby? Or, maybe it will be spin classes? Maybe I’ll start eating even healthier than I already am? Maybe I’ll do it all? I’m not sure how yet, but this summer I plan on becoming my healthiest self mentally, physically, and emotionally!

  6. 6. Do a phone cleanse.

    Hopping off of number 5, I want to do a phone cleanse where I not only clean out my phone (delete a few contacts, apps, photos, social media profiles), but I also want to ween myself off of using it so much. I’ve become so dependent on my phone and I really want to change that this summer.

  7. 7. Stay focused on my future.

    Last but not least, I’m ready to look at my future as just around the corner rather than it being a few years in the future. I’m ready to look at the study abroad application I’ve been putting off for a while, and I’m ready to start studying for the LSAT so I don’t have to worry so much while I am abroad. I’m ready to plan the last few years at BU and maybe find an internship or two for the time I do have left. I’m ready.

I’m hoping that at least having a list will help me stay a tad bit organized this summer. As excited as I am to have a relaxing summer without a routine that college gives me, I’m also excited to have some time to take to myself and evaluate who I am, where I want to go, and how I plan on getting there. Here’s to finishing sophomore year of college!

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