The 7 Best Ways to Get Rid of Dust in Your Dorm Room

As much as we try to get rid of dust, it just always seems to creep back! Dust is made up of skin cells, pollen, food particles, paper particles, hairs, dryer lint, and more.  We are constantly shedding particles of hair and skin that eventually accumulate the amount of dust in our dorm room or apartment. Being that dust can be a health hazard, and it’s impossible to get rid of entirely, here are a few tips to help keep dust at bay:

1. Open your windows. Having windows open, even if it is just slightly to allow for fresh air to enter, is incredibly beneficial for your health. Not only does it get rid of dust, but it also helps rid of harmful pollutants you may have in your room from perfumes, hair sprays, and cleaning products.

2. Remove clutter. Particles from clothing and loose papers lying around end up increasing the amount of dust in a home or dorm room. Keeping your room tidy will greatly help the process of keeping your home dust-free. Furthermore, keeping clothing in plastic containers and boxes will help keep the closet from shedding fiber (and it will help keep you organized). Carpets and fabric-covered furniture are also known for being major dirt collectors. So clean these items frequently, or try opting for different materials for furniture such as wood or marble!

3. Get an air purifier. Air purifiers help get rid of airborne contaminants and allergens. They are known to remove 99.97% of dust, smoke, allergies, smokers, odor, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander. You can check out my previous article to read more about the benefits of air purifiers and how to pick the right one for you.

4. Ditch the duster. Using a duster just makes matters worse. Instead of getting rid of the dust, you’re simply moving it to a different place. An effective way to properly clean surfers is with a damp cloth or sponge. Even using a simple wet wipe works better than a duster. Clean higher surfaces first and then work your way down.

5. Vacuum regularly. Vacuum at least once a week to keep dust from taking over your home. If you have dogs or cats, you may need to vacuum two or three times a week. Owning a rumba (automatic vacuum) could help for those whose dogs or cats are constantly shedding. If you’re in a small dorm room, however, a small vacuum cleaner will do the trick. Check out this cool vacuum cleaner on Amazon for just $29.98!

6. Wash your bedding. How many times have you washed your sheets this semester? Now that we’re in college and don’t have our parents or guardians helping us clean, it’s our job to stay on top of it. Especially since dust mites are particularly fond of sheets, pillows, and mattresses. It’s recommended to wash your bedding once of a week for adequate prevention of dust mites. If washing every week is too expensive or too much work, just rinsing the bedding with warm water does the trick too!

7. Choose non-toxic over toxic cleaning supplies. Try getting natural supplies whenever possible. This will reduce the number of chemicals in your indoor air that end up as dust. Eucalyptus essential oil is known to help kill dust mites. Dilute the oil with water in a spray bottle and apply it on the bed for more protection!

The only way to never live with dust mites is to move to Antarctica! It is in fact, the only continent without dust mites. So unless you’re planning to move to Antarctica anytime soon, these tips will definitely be beneficial for your health and home. Even though it still feels like winter up here in Boston, it’s time to get spring cleaning going! 


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