6 Websites That Every College Student Should Know About

College comes with a lot of unique challenges for students to face. From staying focused, maintaining a sleeping schedule, and even staying on budget, it can be difficult to keep everything on track. Luckily for us, students everywhere are going through the same thing, and the internet has come up with some great solutions for these constant problems. However, sometimes it’s hard to know where to find these tools or to know that they exist at all, so I’ve compiled some of my favorite websites that might help a college student like you.

  1. 1. Mint

    Mint is a free personal finance and budget tracker from Intuit (and you can find it on the App Store too!). Mint will organize your accounts so that you can see all of your balances and transactions together. You can even see spending by categories like shopping and food & dining. This is very helpful when it comes to making and tracking a budget for different spending areas, which Mint also helps you do.

  2. 2. Sleepyti.me

    We know all too well that college students have a complicated relationship with sleep. Sleepyti.me is an online calculator that works backwards in sleep cycles and suggests the best bedtimes to avoid grogginess in the morning based on when you need to wake up. Sleepyti.me will also tell you when to wake up if you are going to bed at the time that you use the calculator.

  3. 3. Rate My Professors

    While you may have heard of Rate My Professors before, it is such a gem that it couldn’t possibly be left off this list. Rate My Professors allows students to review professors and the courses they teach, which can be very helpful when it comes to planning courses for the next semester. I personally never sign up for a class without seeing what past students have said about the professor’s teaching style or the class itself.

  4. 4. Amazon Student

    Who doesn’t love the convenience of Amazon Prime? Two day shipping has saved me with many last-minute birthday gift orders, but I never knew that college students can get a six month free trial through Amazon Student. After the free trial, students are eligible for 50% off the original Amazon Prime membership price, and are still provided with the full benefits of Prime, like Prime Video.

  5. 5. PlagTracker

    Plagtracker helps college students avoid plagiarism by cross-checking their writing with an internet database of websites and academic papers. Plagtracker.com will alert you of phrases that appear elsewhere on the internet, and it also points out places in your paper that may be missing a citation. It’s definitely worth it to run your writing through Plagtracker before turning it in.

  6. 6. KeepMeOut

    Keepmeout is a great tool if you want to avoid procrastinating or getting distracted while you do your work. This website will warn you if you try to go to the website that is distracting you more than once within a time limit that you set. This can be helpful for planning out study breaks, or you can use the advanced settings to block certain websites on weekdays, or every day, at whatever times you choose.

The next time you’re struggling to plan your schedule or stay focused on studying, turn to some of these great tools for quick and convenient help!


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