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6 Ways to Prepare Yourself For Marathon Monday

1. Find Your Boston Spirit

Whether you’re a member of Greek life and have chapter shirts shouting Boston Pride, or, you already own the perfect Boston Strong muscle tee, the first step for a successful Marathon Monday is to have the perfect shirt showing Boston spirit for the runners! You can create your own on websites like universitytees.com or find ones already made on amazon or even right inside the prudential center downtown. It doesn’t matter where it is from, all that matters is you got one!

2. Purchase A Fanny Pack

As a Marathon Monday on-looker you’ll probably be traveling around the city all day. Not only will you need a place to hold your money, IDs, and your cellphone, you will also need a spot for your shades that you DO NOT want to lose track of. A fun fanny pack, preferably neon colored, is a great way to not lose all your belongings and have your hands free to clap and cheer on the runners.

3. Find Some Comfy High-Waisted Shorts

We all know the usual bottoms of choice for this (hopefully!) beautiful day is a great pair of high-waisted shorts you can tuck that Boston Spirit shirt into. But be careful of just ordering a nice high-waisted ripped pair from online. For the sake of your peers and your skin, try to find a pair that won’t ride up every five second as you walk all over the city on a warm sunny day. 

4. Prepare Your Body for a Long Day


With an early start to the marathon and to take full advantage of the day off, most people will probably start their Patriots’ Day around 8a.m., meaning you will need to fully prepare your body for a long day in the sun (crossing our fingers!). Be sure to not only get a good night sleep the night before, but drink plenty of water the night before to, doing so will ensure you are fully hydrated when you wake up and won’t feel as tired! Be sure to also drink plenty of water throughout Monday too. It will keep you energized and ready for fun.

5. Find the Right Type of Shoes for LOTS of Walking

Usually groups of friends will travel all over downtown searching for good spots to watch the runners or just find other friends for some photos and laughs. The chances you will be doing a LOT of walking are VERY high, so make sure you have the right pair of comfy converse or shoes you know won’t give you blisters. Nothing ruins a day like stinging blisters and or aching feet. Don’t let your toes feel like you ran the marathon barefoot yourself! 

6. Get Pumped Up!

Marathon Monday is all about showing the world how much Boston pride truly resides in this city. BU gives us an entire day off from work and school for a reason, to spend the day supporting our fellow Bostonians and showcase our pride. So get ready to cheer on the dedicated runners who will be running not only for themselves but the entire city of Boston. Whether you’re a self-motivating person or need the enthusiasm of others to pump you up, make sure you are ready to show some spirit and get loud on April 20th!


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