6 Secret Santa Gifts for When You Don’t Know What to Buy

We’ve all been in a Secret Santa before and gotten someone who stumps us. Maybe you don’t know them very well, or maybe they’re just the kind of person who is really hard to buy gifts for. No matter how much digging you do, you can’t seem to figure out what they would want. I’ve run into this problem many times, which is why I’ve compiled a list of some universally awesome Secret Santa gifts, so you’ll never be left without a great gift to give in situations like this.

1. Fuzzy socks and a cute mug.

Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Photo credit: Target

These gifts go perfectly together to make a cozy little package for your gift recipient. Fuzzy socks and adorable mugs are cute and thoughtful, and who wouldn’t love this cozy surprise? Extra points to you if you can find a mug that has to do with their interests, although if you can’t, I think this hedgehog mug from Urban Outfitters is a perfect gift!

2. Fandango gift cards and some movie theater snacks.

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Photo credit: Custom Candy Express

Giving a movie night is a great way to let the person you’re giving the gift to personalize it themselves, while still doing a little more than just a gift card. The candy is a cute addition and the person getting this gift will love that they get to pick out any movie they want to see. Fandango also lets them choose from many different theaters, so they can use it at home, at school, or anywhere else they decide.

3. An adult coloring book and colored pencils.

Photo credit: Barnes and Noble 

Photo credit: Ali Express

Everybody faces their fair share of stress in college, especially during the holiday season as finals draw near. One great way you can help someone de-stress is by gifting them a coloring book! There are so many different themes to choose from, so you could find something specifically based on their interests like this adult Harry Potter coloring book, or just go with something general like mandalas or flowers.

4. A homesick candle to remind them of home.

Photo credit: Homesick Candles

We all get homesick from time to time, so these candles are a thoughtful gift that works for anyone. They have candles inspired by states, cities, and countries, so the comforting scents will be sure to remind anyone of home. There are even limited edition college town scents, which is perfect if your Secret Santa recipient misses their college town over break.

5. A fun letter board for inspiring quotes (or Vine references).

Photo credit: Aspen In

Felt letter boards are a trendy piece of dorm decor at the moment, and they also make a great gift. This gift works for anyone because letter boards fun to personalize. Your Secret Santa recipient will love being able to display inspiring quotes, Vine references, or even a Christmas countdown in their dorm room.

6. A spa day themed package.

Photo credit: Amazon

Photo credit: Lisa Lacquer

Who doesn’t need a little R&R time? Some face masks, nail polish, or any other item that could be “spa day” related is sure to be a winner with anyone. These gifts are easy to find but are often things that people feel guilty about buying for themselves when on a budget, which is why they make a great Secret Santa gift.

The next time you’re at a loss for what to get someone, hopefully, this list will help you think of some great gift ideas that anyone will love.


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