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6 Really Specific UQuizzes That Saw Into My Soul

One of my favorite ways to escape reality (hello, election night week 2020) is by taking personality quizzes. Buzzfeed quizzes specifically were one of my biggest coping mechanisms in high school, and in college, I would often play them with friends as well. But after a while, they got a little repetitive, or the questions would obviously correspond with the possible answers so you already kind of knew what you were going to get. However, during the beginning of quarantine this year, UQuiz blew up as a platform for any user to make their own quiz. This user-created format of course meant that the quizzes got increasingly niche and strange, but they are so fun to take. I’ve compiled some of my favorite deep quizzes here so that you can give them a go and learn more about yourself (or what the internet thinks of you) in the process!

What type of literary melancholy are you?

This quiz works best if you’re a literary nerd (hello, English majors) but that absolutely did not stop me from taking it. Some quick Google searches supplemented my knowledge for the “which character are you” questions from books I hadn’t read. The descriptions are (as with all of these quizzes) super-specific and I had fun learning that I am “British interwar melancholy.”

Who would you be in a fantasy society?

If you’ve ever wanted to know what classic fantasy character trope you would be, this is the perfect quiz. And with results like “the himbo prince” and “the guy who died from the plague,” it’s much different from your average princess, knight, and king archetypes. My favorite possible answer to a question on this quiz? For the question “A crime was committed. what was your role?” you can select “baby, i am the crime.”

Answer some questions to be described in the most beautiful way possible.

My favorite thing about this quiz is that the questions are so beautifully written. While it doesn’t have a theme per se, the quiz has major poetic vibes (think milk and honey, but not problematic). Not to mention that the results themselves, such as “a comforting thunderstorm” and “warm hands,” describe you in a way that makes you feel like the main character, and who doesn’t love that?

To whom does your heart belong?

This quiz has all the magic dreamy qualities that I’m looking for on UQuiz. I can’t quite place why, but I think that people who are into astrology will particularly enjoy this quiz. (No worries if you aren’t though, it’s still a fun and relatively quick one!) I found out that my heart belongs to the stars, and I couldn’t have gotten a more accurate answer.

What type of love do you attract?

The description of this quiz says, “if you’re a yearner this one is for you,” and I couldn’t agree more. If you obsess over the 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie, this is the perfect quiz to take, and I only half say that because I’m projecting. (But seriously, if you love that movie, please be my friend). The answer I got also felt super accurate, so this is definitely a quiz that will see you.

What type of timeless space are you?

The idea of a timeless space is so interesting to me. Although I wasn’t sure exactly what that would entail at the beginning of the quiz, the second that I saw the possible results, I completely understood the vibes. You may have a slight existential crisis when the quiz asks “You have the option to start over and do it all differently this time. Do you do it?” but it’s well worth the detailed result you get at the end.

Next time you find yourself with some time to waste, scrolling through the beautiful, weird, and hilarious user-generated quizzes on UQuiz might be the perfect way to decompress.

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Morgan is a junior at Boston University studying Public Relations and Political Science. She loves fall, cafés, and exploring Boston. She is a frequent art museum goer and an ardent Bruins fan. Besides writing, Morgan's hobbies include curating Spotify playlists, cheering on the BU Terriers at hockey games, and exploring independent bookstores.
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