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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Spooky season is upon us! Since Halloween is on a Thursday this year, it is inevitable that the weekend before, the weekend after, and probably every event in-between will be costume-themed. While this is fun because everyone loves to dress up, it’s also a pain that requires extensive planning and a little bit of a financial investment. Fortunately, I’m here to help you figure out a way to get a bang for your buck!


Dressing up as a hippie is super cute and easy because you probably already have everything you need at home! For this look, all you need is some light-wash flared jeans and a bright-colored top. It can have a pattern or a solid color as long as it is vibrant! For shoes, anything white or platformed is great to complete that long-legged look. Finally, to accessorize, a pair of circle glasses or a flower crown would be super cute to pull the look together.

Angel and Devil

To be an angel, you’ll need to go to a costume store and get a halo and a pair of wings. The rest of this costume, though, is super simple: just wear white! This costume is perfect to do with a friend if they want to dress as a devil. And do you know what the best part is? You can switch costumes with your friends for another night! To be a devil, you will also need to make a trip to some type of party store to get horns. Once you get the horns, just wear red, or a combination of red and black. 


Cowgirl/cowboy costumes are super easy, but you can also accessorize them to look more thought out! For the basic start, you need some sort of denim bottoms. This can be a skirt, cut-offs, jeans, whatever you want! For the top, you can wear a button-down, but tie it together (like the picture shows) to complete that country look. Accessories can go as far as you want! Some options include a bandana, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots. But again, if you don’t have the time, no big deal!


To make your skeleton costume, all you need is an oversized black or white t-shirt. Cut horizontal rips in the shirts to make fairly large gapes. Underneath this shirt, wear a solid tank (white if you have a black t-shirt or black if you have a white t-shirt). The whole costume is as simple as that! If you really want to dress it up, try out some fun makeup! There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube, so spend your time and energy on nailing that artsy skeleton makeup instead of on the outfit! 


Vampire costumes are also super easy to throw together! Again, the clothing is probably already in your closet, all you need to do is wear all black! To really sell the vampire look, use a dark red lipstick and draw some “blood” coming out of your mouth. You can also throw a little on your neck or shoulders, but if you don’t want to waste your lipstick and get it everywhere, just the mouth will do the trick. 


Finally, you can be a boxer super easily with just athletic clothes that you already own! Wear whatever athletic bottoms you want (probably leggings because Halloween in Massachusetts tends to get cold) and then a sports bra for the top. You’ll need to wrap your hands with some gauze or bandages. And it’s as easy as that!

All in all, even though Halloween means many costumes, it’s not something to stress about! All of these costumes are super cute and can be thrown together in 20 minutes for relatively cheap!


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Gabby Hendren is a sophomore a Boston University studying neuroscience. Gabby loves to dance, do yoga, and explore Boston!
Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.