6 Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Now

I used to only follow my friends on Instagram, but I’m learning to appreciate the platform for things besides keeping tabs on people. Instagram is also controversial for negatively affecting people’s body image, so I figured it would be good to find some accounts that make me feel good. Whether you appreciate Instagram for its meme accounts or its artistic value, find some new things to fill your feed.

1. @everyoutfitonsatc



This account is my personal favorite. They analyze outfits from Sex and the City in great detail. Filled with witty and relatable commentary, this account will bring smiles to the faces of all Sex and the City fans.

2. @baddiewinkle




Not bad for 90 🐛🌈🍼🤡👼🏼🌐

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90-year-old Helen Van Winkle is living a rainbow, fun-filled, wild life. Surrounded by hot guys, slaying in latex dresses, and posing in high heels, she’s the inspiration you need to start living your best life.

3. @humansofny



Humans of New York is an iconic photography blog. It takes true talent for the photographer to get such personal stories out of strangers. This account serves as a reminder that every person has a story, and you should make the effort to get to know people, even strangers.

4. @miserable_men




Waiting patiently? Or crying himself to sleep?

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This account is filled with photos of men in stores and malls looking exhausted, bored, and annoyed. As someone who doesn’t always enjoy shopping, this account is so relatable. Even if you do enjoy shopping, you’ll appreciate the funny pictures.

5. @voguemagazine



There’s no better place to go to stay up to date on the latest trends, soak up fashion inspiration, and appreciate creative photography. Yes, Instagram is for keeping up with friends, but it’s also for an artistic, aesthetic experience. At the center of the fashion world, Vogue is the perfect resource for artistic inspiration.

6. @itsdougthepug

This is an account I knew about a long time ago, then forgot about, and now I’m so glad I rediscovered it. Doug is an influencer, has his own merch line, and meets celebrities. This little dog’s costumes and daily photo shoots will make your day.

Instagram is great for following friends, but find some accounts that make you laugh or inspire you.


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