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One of the key characteristics of the freshman experience is just absolute information overload. So many different departments, administrators, student organizations, and more are trying to get your attention to explain what they do and how they can fit into your college experience. This, of course, can seem super overwhelming, especially as you first figure out how to navigate college. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of six Instagram accounts that are absolute must-follows for any student at Boston University.

BU Libraries (@bulibraries)

“Really Morgan? The Library?” YES. Whoever is running the BU Libraries Instagram account is my actual hero. Besides posting really helpful research advice that will definitely help in WR 150 and beyond, this account doesn’t shy away from library-related memes, which I promise are even better than they sound. They even have horoscope posts like, “The signs as men written to be love interests for much cooler women.”

The Howard Thurman Center (@buhtc)

The Howard Thurman Center is BU’s student center, and they have some of the best programming on campus. You’ll definitely want to give them a follow so you don’t miss out on any of the great events that they put on (most of which are virtual at the moment, of course). My personal favorite part about following this account is that they post live updates during their weekly “Coffee and Conversation” event on Fridays, and you get to hear a diverse range of opinions on topics that are important to BU students.

The Daily Free Press (@dailyfreepress)

This is going to be your number one (or at least number two, but we’ll get to that) source of on-campus news at BU. The FreeP, as it is called for short, does a great job of reporting news that is relevant to BU students’ lives, and their social media team condenses the paper so that you’ll get all the most important stories by following them on Instagram. They are also an independently-run student newspaper, so you know they’re not obligated to only report positive things about BU, like some other university-affiliated publications are.

Black Sheep BU (@blacksheep_bu)

Y’all, this may be my favorite BU-related Instagram account. Classics like “BU Sororities as Barbie Movie Characters” and “Which BU 2019-2020 Tragedy are You?” are always widely circulated in DMs and on BU students’ stories, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a BU student who doesn’t keep up with Black Sheep. Plus, when I said above that the FreeP might be your second source of BU news, that was because Black Sheep BU breaks an extremely surprising amount of campus news. I have no idea how they do it, but if you want to know what’s going on around BU and have a laugh while you’re at it, they need to be in your following list.

OverheardxBU (@overheardxbu)

In the same vein as Black Sheep BU, this popular Instagram account format has made its way to Boston University, and you won’t believe some of the things that get overheard around campus. You can enjoy reading other people’s wild sayings, or submit some of your own overheard quotes. My favorite part of this account is that they do a bracket-style tournament at the end of every semester via Instagram stories to determine the quote of the semester. My friends and I take the voting very seriously. 

BU Dog Pound (@bu_dogpound)

The BU Dog Pound is the student section at BU, and hockey is by far the biggest sport on campus. It’s definitely fun to keep up with how our men’s and women’s teams are doing, even if you can’t make it to a game (especially this year, when it’s unlikely that any of us will be allowed in the stands at all). While following the teams’ official Instagram accounts will give you the updates you need, the Dog Pound account is a good follow because it’s student-run, so they’re allowed to make fun of the other teams and throw a bit of good-natured trash talk on their story along with the actual game updates. When Hockey East sets a start date for this year, this account will definitely keep you informed on all things Terrier hockey.

Now that you’re armed with these six great Instagram accounts, you’re even more ready to take on BU and anything that college life throws at you. 

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Morgan is a senior at Boston University studying public relations with minors in art history and political science. She loves fall, cafés, and exploring Boston. She is a frequent art museum goer and an ardent Bruins fan. Besides writing, Morgan's hobbies include curating Spotify playlists, cheering on the BU Terriers at hockey games, and exploring independent bookstores.