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6 High Quality Makeup Brands That Won’t Break the Bank

For most makeup lovers, finding high-quality products that won’t break the bank can seem like a myth. Luckily, Her Campus BU is making it a reality with these seven high-quality, low-budget brands for beauty addicts just like you!

1. Colourpop Cosmetics

Price: $5.00 per individual eyeshadow, $5.00-$6.00 for most lip products, $8.00 for most face products.

If you’re looking for pigmented, long-lasting makeup (particularly eyeshadow) Colourpop is the answer. Their popular shadows come in a wide variety of colors and finishes from matte to metallic to sparkly, and will last you all day without flaking. 

2. NYX Cosmetics

Price: Prices range from $3-$30 (Note: products are typically sold in sets).

Perhaps best known for their liquid lipsticks and glosses, NYX has become incredibly popular among the beauty vlogging community for their wide range of high-quality products and reasonable prices. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with this brand, so it’s perfect for those of you who prefer using pallets and sets to single products.

3. Morphe Cosmetics

Price: Pro Pallets starting from $14.99, individual eyeshadows starting from $2.29

Morphe’s most recent blow-up success, the 35o palette, has become a hot commodity among makeup aficionados everywhere. Known mostly for their eyeshadow pallets, Morphe’s many products are so popular that you’ll probably find that at least one of them is sold out at any time (don’t worry, they always restock). You’ll find rich, vibrant colors, strong pigmentation, and a long-lasting hold when you try a Morphe product, plus you’ll never break the bank!

4. BH Cosmetics

Price: Most products start at $10, not including sale items.

One eyeshadow pallet, 120 colors, sixteen dollars. Need we say more?

5. e.l.f. Cosmetics

Price: Exluding palettes (which are usually about $20.00), most products are $10.00 or under.

E.l.f. is a favorite among beauty addicts on a budget. With this brand, you can buy all your makeup essentials without having to choose between looking fabulous and being able to afford your textbooks.

6. Real Techniques 

Price: Brush sets are typically $12.99

Brushes are an essential tool when applying makeup. However, they can end up costing you even more than the makeup products themselves. With Real Techniques, you’ll be able to get a wide variety of brushes for a beyond affordable price.


Next time you binge-watch beauty guru videos on YouTube and feel the unavoidable urge to buy tons of new makeup products, choose these so you don’t burn a hole in your budget!


Savanna Tavakoli is a 21-year-old journalism student at Boston University. Savanna plans to use journalism as a platform for educating the public about everything from current political issues to which celebrities just tied the knot. Her interests include pop culture, female empowerment, advocating for gender and sexual equality, red lipstick, m&m cookies, and binge-watching Netflix in her free time.
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