6 Guys You'll Meet Your Freshman Year of College

Being a college student in Boston, where you can connect with not only people from your own school but people from many other universities and colleges, I have met people from all walks of life. I think that many upperclassmen will agree that during your freshman year, you get introduced to all these new people and it’s a chance to make new connections. It gets really interesting when you consider that (usually) the guys you meet your freshman in college are people you have no past with.

Since I’ve gotten to college, I have met a lot of boys and some of them had me shook! Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way, but it is always in a really weird and awkward way. Regardless, very very shook. So, here’s a list of some guys you may encounter.

1. The atypical party guy

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This man is a disaster: Flunking out of classes, spending daddy’s money on flat-screen TV’s, drinking himself to death nearly every weekend, and popping Xanax like bubble gum. But, you’ll love him because he has that cute 90’s rocker vibe, is a nice person, and isn’t a typical frat boy. You’ll want to date him so badly until you’re in the front seat of an ambulance on a Friday night giving EMS his name because he had too much to drink.  

2. The "Aw, you go to BU, how cute" boy 

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This man goes to Harvard: Maybe MIT, but probably Harvard. He hacked into a tech company and had a Huffington Post article written about him and he will definitely send you the link to the article. He’ll also send you screenshots of the two fan-mail messages he received in his Facebook DM’s. And after the date is over, and it’s obvious that you never want to interact with him again, he will message you months later asking when you’re going to meet up again.

3. The guy who doesn't interact with many girls 

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This man stays in and reads a lot. He is cute, smart, and ambitious. Unlike #2, he is respectful and eager to learn about you as a person. But, he has never seen a female in his life. After nearly two decades of being cooped up in a room doing nothing but studying and calculating integrals in four dimensions for fun, he has no idea how to interact with you or have a conversation with you. He will definitely try to kiss you on the first date and miss your lips. Yikes! 

4. The guy that isn't really worth it.

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This guy is going to be the sweetest guy you ever meet, but good Lord, you are never going to speak to him again. Maybe he and his friends invite you and a couple of your friends over for a little get-together. But, the people this man surrounds himself with are literal cavemen. He wears Vineyard Vines and drinks a little too much. He surrounds himself with wild people and never misses a Thursday night party.

5. The guy from a far-away school.

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You’ll meet him on the annual weekend retreat or trip with your student organization. You’ll think he’s a nice guy, so you add him on Facebook–BIG MISTAKE.

This man seems to think you’re now in a relationship. He comments on every post that he misses you and that you should keep in touch. He also messages you non-stop. You try to be nice and respond with cookie-cutter, polite answers to his progressively weirder and weirder messages. Then one day he says you’re so beautiful he would cut off a body part for you. That’s when you’ll block him and opt out of the next group retreat.

6.  The guy who seemed okay, until the end.

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This guy seems like the whole package. He goes to a good school and studies hard. He tells you about his family, his job, and what he’s passionate about. He wants to know you as a person and asks you about your studies– it’s going great.

But, then he hits you with all that weird stuff. Maybe, you find out his only hobby is writing and rewriting the Wikipedia page on Abalones. Maybe, you’ve known him for 2 hours and he asks you to marry him. Maybe you’re watching TV and something about Larry Nassar comes on and he says, “That dude’s my hero.” Or, maybe he tells you his favorite food is grass, and you laugh before noticing he is serious.

So, there you go, these are 6 guys you might encounter during your freshman year of college.  All I can say is, Run sis, run fast. Please remember to make good decisions, friends!


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