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6 Funky Pants for 6 Funky Days

Funky pants are something I have in abundance, but they aren’t something I would necessarily think to wear every day of the week. However, this week I made an exception and decided to show off six of my funkiest pants to BU’s campus. Take a look at my bold fashion choices for the week!



Sunday started off with rain, rain, and more rain. It was a day made for naps, Netflix marathons, and catching up on last night’s SNL. I almost forgot to put on real clothes, but I had to venture out into the cold to pick up a few necessities. I threw on my favorite pair of recently purchased Lululemon leggings, a maroon sweater, and my Stan Smiths. Sunday’s outfit was comfortable yet cute enough to walk outside in.



Monday was wet and humid. My boyfriend and I had originally planned to go to Nantasket Beach in Hull for Columbus Day, but those plans were quickly thrown out the window when we woke up to sheets of rain and dark clouds. Nevertheless, I still wanted to enjoy my day off. I threw on a brightly colored pair of leggings from Sweaty Betty, a London-based company, and paired them with a black sweatshirt and neutral Nikes. I put on a raincoat, walked over to Whole Foods to pick up some groceries and spent the rest of the day editing, reading, and trying to get some work done.



Tuesday was a record high for October, with temperatures in the high 70s and low 80s. I’m personally sick of this hot weather, but I was forced to comply with the heat this day. I wore a pair of black culottes with my white tank top and a classic jean jacket. I am obsessed with the style of culottes and I own another pair in orange, which might make an appearance later in the week.



Finally, Boston’s weather seemed to be returning to normal. Wednesday started out with dark skies, a little wind, and slightly chillier temperatures. I took advantage of this, deciding to wear some warm pajama-style pants out. I paired these pants with a simple black top and a leather jacket to make my outfit seem a little more appropriate for school. Originally, I had been scared to wear these pants outside, as I was afraid people would view them as strange. Surprisingly, nobody gave me weird looks. My friends even complimented me on my outfit!



Thursday was a bit of a flop. I volunteer at the Museum of Science every Thursday, and they have a pretty strict dress code. This meant I had to go without funky pants today, which honestly made me pretty sad. However, if I could have worn pants today I would have worn the above. If you can’t tell already, I’m a big fan of the wide leg culottes, an ode to the ’70s trend that’s circulating right now. I own almost as many culottes as I did back in the fifth grade.



Friday was cold from the start, so I wanted to be warm but look presentable. I got these leggings for my birthday and fell in love because my favorite color is blue. They’re also very comfy and, paired with a sweater and bomber jacket, my outfit didn’t look like I was surrendering to the cold just yet. I’ve noticed an increased amount of brightly colored leggings lately, and I’m really hoping they’re coming back because they’re a super fun (and easy) way to create an outfit with a small amount of effort.


I had so much fun with this project this week. It really forced me to think outside my style comfort zone. My week was pretty stressful with midterms, but having to pick out a unique outfit each day helped relieve some of my stress. These are just six examples of how a funky pair of pants can completely transform an outfit from something average to something super individual.

Lucy is a junior studying Psychology at Boston University. She lives in San Diego but prefers Boston. She has one cat but she would really like a large dog. You can find her lounging on the Esplanade, binge-watching Netflix in her room, or hanging out with friends on the BU beach. 
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