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6 Female TV Characters Who Have Inspired Me

Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

Here we have a well-rounded character who resembles one of the most powerful and accomplished women figures on Television. She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist, and there she is, never makes a single medical accident in the series. She is a true friend who roasts Meredith when receiving her expressions of love, yet genuinely claims to her that she is the sun. She is a tough surgeon, insisting on making patient rounds after her own miscarriage. And she’s real, grilling Owen about his affair, and bursting into tears afterward. She is Cristina Yang, and she is one of a kind. 

Maura Isles from Rizzoli&Isles

There are two things in this world that Dr.Isles falls head over heels for High heels and corpse. Well, it wasn’t as creepy as it sounds. Having a strong appetite for fashion, Dr.Isles loves to dress up nice and fresh when investigating at the crime scene. Yet her iconic style doesn’t hinder herself from being excellent at her work, and that passionate working spirit struck me. Ripping off the label of a rigorous, precise, and goal-oriented legal medical expert, however, she’s actually the daughter of a notorious gangster, and growing up having a traumatized childhood.

Lily van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl

People rarely talk about Lily van der Woodsen (also known as Lily Bass), whatever name you want to call her when the presence of Serena and Blair dominates the whole show, I still can’t forget about how elegant Lily is. As a mother of two, her stunning face and posh accent never fade away even time flies. It’s no wonder Serena inherits her real class and her sexual affinity that brings up lots of trouble and drama subsequently.

 Claire Underwood from House of Cards

Claire knows exactly what she wants, and how to leverage others to get. Unlike most women who pursue a cozy, stable family and life, she’s ambitious to become a major political figure, and of course, she enjoys the rough and tumble of the politics. Chess not checkers, playing it with strategy. Claire and her husband, Francis, as cold and calculating as she is, are more like confidants instead of a couple. Their flawless tricks carried out under intense pressure make them the ultimate partners in crime.

5. Bradley Jackson from The Morning Show

Lots of people dislike her for being aggressive, straightforward, and simply just smart. Nevertheless, working as a reporter who gets a sudden promotion, she doesn’t seem to be panicked by all the pressure she is under. She is never satisfied or content with the status quo, always wanting to dig deeper to reveal the ulterior truth behind every thought-provoking news. Needless to say, she lives her career to the fullest.

Samantha from Sex and the City

Fifty and fabulous. The queen who says “I love you, but I love myself more,” and slays at work as well as social occasions. Apparently, she never truly falls in love with a guy until she meets with her sweetie Smith, a man who is much younger than she is. When she is diagnosed with Breast cancer, Smith has his head shaved, and never leaves her sides. Finally, our queen finds someone she can trust and rely on.

What really stands out to me in a show is not only limited to the plot or shots. It’s more about how each of the characters is portrayed, especially the female ones. Many of them juggle a full plate of work and family, basically, just life. And many of them are still fighting alone to figure out what they really want. More or less, those emerging empowering female characters have influenced a growing number of future generations. I look forward to seeing the next series in which I can watch new female characters find their unique ways to shine.

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Zhilan is a current sophomore at Boston University. Being an extroverted introvert, she loves to cook healthy food, explore aesthetic coffee shops, and read mysteries.
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