6 Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes Inspired by Netflix

If there’s anything I love more than a good Netflix binge, it’s a useful Netflix binge. As it turns out, Netflix is the perfect place to find inspiration for Halloween costumes on a budget. Scrolling through some of my favorite shows and movies, I gathered six cheap and easy ideas you can make with items you already own in your closet. Say hello to Halloweekend and goodbye to credit card debt with these cute costumes! (Can I get a heck yeah?)


1. Gracie Hart from Miss Congeniality

In case you missed it, everyone’s favorite Sandra Bullock film (fight me – you know it’s true) is now on Netflix. Take inspiration from her FBI-agent-gone-pageant-queen character this Halloween with your old prom dress and a pair of plastic handcuffs from the party store.


2. Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson’s live action portrayal of Belle wilted roses and inspired young girls everywhere. Now, you too can woo the dreadful Beast with a thrift store gown and an “enchanted” rose from the craft store.


3. Bridget Jones from the Bridget Jones's Diary movies

My personal favorite rom com heroine, Bridget Jones, is perhaps the most relatable character on Netflix right now. Trust me when I say you won’t feel like you're wearing a costume dressed in her silky PJs and fuzzy slippers – bonus points for requesting All by Myself at the party!


4. Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation

Let all your friends know that the waffle princess of Pawnee is back and badder than ever this Halloween. Replicating Leslie Knope’s signature style becomes easy with a smart blazer, political pin and a can-do attitude.


5. Carrie Bradshaw from The Carrie Diaries

You’re already in the city of Boston at BU – now, bring the sex appeal by dressing like the younger version of everyone’s favorite fashion heroine, Carrie Bradshaw. Be sure to break out your boldest wardrobe choices and layer on some statement jewels to be mistaken for this budding diva!


6. Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby

We hear from our friends Daisy and Jay that the roaring twenties were a huge hit for the party scene. But, a word of caution if you’re going to channel this literary heartbreaker: fatal love triangles tend to come with the territory!


So there you have it! Six Halloween costumes from your favorite Netflix shows!