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Living in a dorm has its perks and its struggles. Especially as a freshman — going from the comfort of your familiar home to living in a small shared space is not easy. With the halfway point of the semester upon us, real homesickness and yearning for your childhood bed is a very common experience right now. To make it through the rest of the semester, here are five easy ways to amp up your living space and make it feel more like home.

Create a well-lit atmosphere

Most dorms have the standard, overly bright, fluorescent lighting. This gives off more the ambiance of a doctor’s office than a home. To bring in some more cheerful lighting, consider getting some Christmas or fairy lights, or even a colorful sunset lamp. This way your room can be both well lit and more comforting to be in.

Keep some of your favorite snacks stocked at all times

Food is always a comforting experience. Why not use it as a vehicle to make your dorm more comforting? Always having some snacks/drinks that remind you of your friends, your family, or your home on hand is a great and easy way to feel more settled into your dorm. It also adds the serotonin boost of always knowing some of your favorite bites are waiting for you in your room. 

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Make comfort a priority

Whether through some slippers, a blanket, or your favorite lounge outfit, one of the best ways to feel at peace and comfortable mentally is to feel comfortable physically. Having some soft and cozy items to snuggle up in is essential to the success of your homey dorm.

The Lalacozy Bed Floral Blanket
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Surround Yourself with reminders of home

If you are able to look around your dorm and see pieces of home surround you, it will be easier to feel close to home — even when it may be far in reality. Putting up framed pictures of friends and family you miss is a great way to do this. Small mementos from home are also perfect to place around your space.

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Use your space to check in with people from Home

When it comes to the end of the day, a great and comforting thing to do in your dorm is call up anyone that reminds you of home and check in with them. Connecting with people from home easily transports you to a feeling of familiarity. This will further create an association of home with your dorm room.

Living in a dorm can be overwhelming. But with the right amount of personalization and coziness, it can transform from a BLAND ROOM to a little slice of home.

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Originally from Marshfield, Massachusetts, Caroline is a freshman in the College of Communication. For fun she enjoys trying out new coffee shops with friends, reading, going to spin class, and walking on the beach with her golden retriever Winnie.