5 Ways to Thrive as a Transfer at BU

By Dahlia Maleh

So, you’re a transfer. You went through the rollercoaster of freshmen year AND re-lived the trauma of the Common App all to get to Boston University -- but it was all so worth it. Finally, you are at the right school and it is time to make this place home. Here are 5 of the many ways to do that.


1. Join clubs!

You may have gone to SPLASH this past month and signed up for a bunch of clubs; now it’s time to go to some meetings!

This advice was given to you last year and is ever more prevalent this year as a transfer. The fastest way to meet like-minded people as yourself is to close your Netflix tab, get out of your all-too-cozy room and go to a club meeting! Whether it be related to your major, a hobby, or something you’ve never done before… GO! Try it out! Plus, there might be free food there as well!


2. Introduce yourself as a transfer.

The person you are meeting might have transferred to BU too!

Whether it be in class, the elevator in your dorm, or that new club you just joined, introduce yourself as a transfer. Students love to meet new people on campus, especially if they are FOB from another school. Maybe you both know someone who went to your old school? Maybe they can show you a cool donut shop around Boston? Terriers never want to see another Terrier lost, so you’ll probably get some inside tips on how BU works and maybe even a party invite. 


3. It’s hockey hours over here.

A sea of scarlet and white never looked so good.

For those of you who transferred from big schools with football tailgates, sorry you just won’t be drinking at 8 am on a Saturday anymore. Instead, you’ll be throwing on a BU sweatshirt and heading to Agganis Arena for some Friday night Men’s Ice Hockey. You can learn the “Go BU” song and cheer on one of the best hockey team’s in the East. #bringbackBUfootball


4. Don’t step on the Boston University seal!

Next time you walk through the plaza, don’t stare at your phone.. you might just step on the seal.

You know Marsh Plaza in the center of campus? Right next to the statue is the BU seal smack on the ground. While walking to class, you have probably noticed kids purposefully not stepping on it and you should definitely follow suit. There is a legend that if you step on it, you won’t graduate in four years. Being a transfer student, that idea might not even phase you due to credit mess-ups. So if you're already gonna stay a little past due, make some power moves and walk right on it.


5. Allston Crawl is NOT an event.

My first time going out in Allston with some transfer friends. Tip: don’t wear shoes you care about.​

Allston is all the way by West campus and is where most of the BU frats and off-campus housing is located. Most parties are thrown over there and people will mention the “Allston crawl” and how “everyone goes through it once.” When I first heard about it, I thought it was an actual event. It’s not. Allston crawl is more of an expression meaning when you party hop from house to house. It is a common freshmen experience to go through but I highly suggest you get your transfer friends and head out there. Don’t forget to bring a fracket and stay warm!


I know being a transfer student can be overwhelming and sometimes lonely, but it won’t always feel that way. Every day you will learn more and more about BU until it finally feels like home. I wish you the best of luck and know you will thrive here. You belong here, I promise. Go Terriers!


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