5 Ways to Survive a Boston Winter

If you’ve never experienced a winter in Boston… get ready. If you think it’s cold now, just wait until mid-December when it’s 5 degrees. Yep…. Fahrenheit. Although Canada Goose jackets do help, they won’t always save you from the cold.

As a native to Massachusetts and the Boston area, I’ve survived many a winter here and am here to give you the best tips to make it to summer unscathed.

1. Check the weather.

This seems self-explanatory but, I know what it’s like to dress for a crisp fall day and then walk outside into a snowstorm. You might think that’s not possible, but in New England… anything is possible. Just be safe and check your weather app, or at the very least, look out the window.

2. Wear layers.

Layers, layers, layers. In anticipation of the frigid outdoors you might be tempted to just throw on a huge sweater and call it a day. The only problem is that once you get inside, the heat will be cranking and you’ll probably find yourself sweltering. Your best bet is to wear a few thinner layers under your coat, that you can easily take off, so you can be comfortable inside and outside.

3. Limit your time outside.

Again, another no-brainer. Seriously, though… if you don’t have to be outside, don’t be. I know that the weather doesn’t necessarily invite you to spend time outdoors but, maybe opt to take the train if you are heading from Kenmore to Allston. Even though we might feel invincible as college kids, we aren’t. Being outside in freezing temperatures can be a lot more damaging than we can imagine.

4. Try hand warmers.

I know what you’re probably thinking and no, I’m not suggesting holding hands amidst cuffing season. The best remedy for cold hands on a chilly day is hand warmers. They are these brilliant little self-heating packets that you can stick in your coat pocket to keep your hands toasty even if you don’t have a hand to hold.

5. Be prepared.

As important as it is to be physically prepared for winter, it’s essential to be mentally prepared. It might sound stupid but, weather shifts in New England are often sudden and good ol’ Mother Nature doesn’t always give you time to adjust. That’s why it’s crucial to be prepped for anything and everything; a 50-degree day in the dead of winter isn’t unheard of.

I know that it’s just started to get cold and that you can’t imagine it getting any worse. But honestly, the worst hasn’t even started. There are so many more tips than just these five but, I wanted to keep it short and sweet (kind of like how we want winter to be).

Hopefully, this winter isn’t too bad and we can all breathe easy. But if it is, we can handle it with the help of my favorite tips!


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