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5 Ways to Rock a Hawaiian Shirt

Hey, Her Campus!  Despite the fact that we’ve all been stuck inside lately, spring has officially sprung.  That means it’s time to start pulling out your spring and summer wardrobe as the weather finally warms up!  I know it’s hard to find the motivation to put on a cute springtime outfit when no one has anywhere to be, but I’ve found that getting dressed and ready for the day really helps me maintain a sense of normalcy despite the absolute chaos that has been 2020.  

Besides, I would never pass up the opportunity to wear a good Hawaiian shirt.  I personally find Hawaiian shirts to be a necessary staple of anyone’s spring/summer closet, so here are five creative ways to incorporate these comfy, colorful shirts into your outfits.

Buttoned with jeans

This is definitely the simplest way to wear a floral print shirt. They make perfect casual, light tops for a warm day, and they pair with pretty much any cut or color of jeans you own. A floral print shirt tucked into mom jeans is one of my go-to summer looks, and I highly recommend you give this one a try.

Layered over pretty much anything

Floral print shirts are a super versatile item of clothing, and they can be the perfect finishing touch over almost any kind of outfit. You can wear a floral print shirt unbuttoned over any plain t-shirt or tank top, and it’ll take your look to the next level.


For baggier shirts, you might want to consider tying your floral print shirt. This can help control all that extra fabric in a way that still looks stylish and fun.

Dressed up

You can dress up this look with a pair of nice pants, some jewelry, and fancy sandals or heels. Floral print shirts are generally a more casual look, but I love incorporating them into dressier outfits. This look is proof that there is no style or event that can’t be made better with a floral print shirt.


Although I tend not to opt for this one, you can totally turn your floral print shirt into a crop top. This is a look that works really well with high-waisted jeans, so if your floral print shirt is too long or baggy, consider cutting it and trying out this style.

Hopefully, we’ll all have a chance to show off our summer looks in public soon enough! At the very least, I find quarantine much more bearable in a loud, vibrant floral print shirt than in a hoodie and sweatpants. 

Think about adding these tops to your summer wardrobe, and stay safe, Her Campus!


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Jules is a junior at Boston University studying English with a minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her hobbies include drinking too much iced coffee (even in Boston winters), going to concerts, tap dancing, and creative writing. Find her on insta @jules.bulafka !
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