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5 Ways to Lift Your Spirits When You’re Feeling Down

There is almost nothing worse than sitting in your room alone, sulking, and feeling crummy when you're having a bad day. We’ve all been there… and sometimes it’s good to give in to the sadness and let it work itself out of your system. But for those times when you want to feel better and move on, here are five ways to quickly boost your mood!

1. Listen to music you enjoy.

Music can change a person's mood––it’s scientifically proven. If you don’t believe me, listen to Huffington Post. Now, this information is important on its own, but it’s our application of it that really matters here. If you are crying or just simply upset, put your headphones in and put on an upbeat song that you’ve enjoyed in the past. Not only will the song distract you from your mood, it’ll remind you of happier times and start you on the path to feeling better.

2. Watch something funny.

If you aren’t ready to get out of bed just yet, try watching an episode of a TV show or a Youtube video that will make you laugh. Just the act of laughing will get you into a better mood as well as distract you from what made you upset in the first place. But it’s important to limit yourself to one or two episodes to avoid wallowing and becoming a sad couch potato.

3. Get up.

As much as you might want to just snuggle in bed all day, it’s difficult to start feeling better when you’re curled up in a ball. Now I’m no scientist, but it would seem that since your body is used to sleeping in that position that it will react accordingly. If you want to feel better faster, start by sitting or even standing up. This will get more air into your lungs and your body will start to awaken, a crucial step to starting the day off right.

4. Dress up.

If you managed to get out of bed, sometimes the next hardest thing to do is get dressed and ready. Your bad mood makes you want to lounge in comfy clothes all day and put in as little effort into your appearance as possible. While this may be the easiest thing to do, it won’t help you feel better. Pick out an outfit that makes you feel confident and put a little extra effort into how you look. You may not want to but the end result will make you feel 100 times better inside and out.

5. Talk to a friend or family member.

Last but not least, try talking to someone you trust. Whether they are your parent, relative, or friend, find someone who knows you really well and try talking with them about why you’re upset. Sometimes talking it out is the best way to work through something and when combined with all of the other steps, you are undoubtedly on your way to a smile-filled good day!

Hopefully, these tips were helpful, and that next time you’re having a bad day you can turn it around! One tip that’s not on this list is rather self-explanatory … smile! It might be hard, but start by putting those 43 muscles in the right place and see where it takes you :)

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