5 Ways to Elevate Any Outfit

Have you ever wanted to up your outfit game but not known where to start? We’ve all been there, staring at our closet of clothes we’ve worn a dozen times, feeling bored by our options. Well, I’ve put together five tips that I try to use to take my outfits to the next level, so hopefully, they'll help you refresh your current style.

  1. 1. Remember the Jewelry

    This is a classic piece of fashion advice, but it’s popular for a reason. Adding a bold earring or statement necklace can turn a relatively plain look into a sophisticated ensemble. Just make sure you stay consistent with either silver or gold, and your accessories will bring the whole outfit together.

  2. 2. Experiment with Layers

    woman wearing suit and button up fall fashion

    A plain top and jeans is a familiar combo, but it can get a bit dull. Layering, however, can help add dimension and interest to a basic look. Instead of just wearing a turtleneck, try layering a t-shirt or sweater over it. If you have a summer dress that’s a little too simple, layer a basic tee underneath or a sweater on top. This will allow simple pieces to be repurposed into new outfits.

  3. 3. Coordinate the Details

    One of the best ways to make your outfits stand out is through coordination. By this, I mean keeping the color scheme consistent, especially in the smaller details. If you’re wearing brown boots, reach for a brown belt. If there’s a bit of red in your shirt or dress pattern, add a red hair ribbon or red socks. These may seem like small choices, but they give your outfit a seamless look when put together.

  4. 4. Add Some Statement Pieces

    person holding assorted clothes in wooden hanger

    Most people try and buy clothes that fit within their current wardrobe, which is completely understandable. However, getting a few statement pieces can allow you to add excitement to your more plain pieces. For example, try pairing muted jeans and a sweater with some snakeskin boots. Or, incorporate some patterned pants with a plain top to add some flair to an otherwise basic outfit.

  5. 5. Accessorize Your Hair

    scrunchies on a book

    Hair can often be forgotten when planning an outfit, but adding just a few coordinating clips or a matching hair scarf can make it seem like you put way more effort than you actually did. Just swap out your usual elastic for a cute scrunchie or scarf to put the cherry on top of your cute look.

Remember that everyone’s style is unique, and you should dress in whatever makes you happy! Hopefully, these tips give you some inspiration in revamping your closet and expressing your creativity through your clothes.

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