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5 Wardrobe Essentials You NEED For College

You know those pieces that you can’t live without in your closet? The things that go with literally everything, and rescue you in times of need? Here are 5 items that I’ve found were my ride-or-dies this year.

1) Short cocktail dress

Photo credit: Forever 21

I ordered three cocktail dresses just as “backup dresses” about a month ago, never planning on wearing them this semester. Now, I’ve worn all three of them already. Even if you’re not in a sorority or dating someone that’s in a fraternity, events will come up or you will get invited by friends to their formal and it’s always nice to have a dress ready to go so you’re not scrambling to find something last minute. Besides the obvious neutrals–white, black and beige–blue and red dresses are always a hit!

2) Dressy heels

Photo credit: Missguided

A pair of neutral heels for a dressy occasion is always a good idea! The black heels with a thicker heel are always a popular option, but personally, the pair I brought to college are these nude cutout heels! Whatever your style may be, as long as they are versatile and can go with a lot of outfits, they’re definitely a great piece to keep in your closet!

3) Fanny Pack / Belt Bag

Photo credit: DSW

Whether you opt for a traditional fanny pack or one of the newer, resurfaced trendy belt bags, these will save you when you don’t want to carry a bag but have more things you need to carry around than will fit into your pockets! Plus, they look super cute with your outfit and if you get a belt bag, it’ll fit right into your belt loops!

4) Small backpack

Photo credit: Journeys

With a loose definition of “small”, a backpack that is perfect for a walk around the city is a staple for college! Personally, mine can actually still fit my laptop–it’s a tight squeeze, nonetheless–but you can find some that are smaller too with just enough room for the essentials! These are great for the days you don’t feel like carrying a purse on one side of your body or you need to use your hands.

5) Jean Jacket

Photo credit: H&M 

Jean jackets are THE world’s greatest lifesaver! Additional secret: most of them have INSIDE pockets too! You can carry so much with them, they go with everything, and they’re a great layering piece for the colder spring days. Acid and light wash jean jackets are my personal favorite!

So, do you have all your college wardrobe essentials? What are some of the lifesaving pieces that you’ve found throughout your time in college?

Cover photo credit: Sungjinchoi.com


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