5 Wall Décor Ideas That Will Make Your Soul Smile

Finding the trendiest décor and styles to decorate empty spaces in your apartment or dorm room can be hard, especially if you want to save money. Through my research to decorate my dorm room, I have found some trendy hacks at a lost cost! If you want to be inspired by the wall décor in your apartment, room, or house, then keep reading for my best suggestions.

  1. 1. Flower Mirror Wall

    To achieve this trendy boho-inspired wall design, you will need two things: fake flowers and a mirror! You can find affordable cute fake roses on Amazon⁠. I recommend going with muted pink, cream, and white, but the best part about the flowers is that you can pick any color scheme and type of flower you desire. You will also need a mirror, which can be square, circular, rectangular, or any shape you want! Amazon has great options for mirrors ranging from gold to black, and square and rectangle. I recommend this super cute gold circle mirror! You can use Command Strips to hang the flowers and picture hangers to hang the mirror. This wall décor idea puts a wall garden into your living space, and it serves as a nice reminder that the beauty of nature resides within each of us who look into the mirror. 

  2. 2. Light-Up Picture Wall

    Have you ever wanted a polaroid wall, but didn’t want to spend the time or money collecting photos for an empty space that needed to be decorated yesterday? I have the perfect solution for you! While doing research on cute ways to decorate dorm room walls, I found Parabo, a company that allows you to print a bunch of square photos at a low cost. The best part is that you use pictures from your phone! Now you can decorate your walls with all your favorite Instagram photos and fun memories from your camera roll. The easiest way to hang the photos is by using Glue Dots. For some extra sparkle, you can also purchase some super cute and inexpensive twinkle lights to accent the photos! Every time you walk by this wall, you will be reminded of special moments in your life!

  3. 3. Fairy Lights and Tapestry Wall

    Filling a large empty wall can be expensive and time-consuming. A trendy and cute hack is to use a tapestry! You can find a ton of unique, colorful patterned tapestries on Amazon. Hanging a tapestry on a wall makes any space feel much more homey and complete. To add some personalized touches, I recommend hanging clip lights over the tapestry. This is a great way to hang some of your favorite memories you captured with polaroids or fun print-outs and really make the wall yours! Large blank wall made trendy, cute, and homey? Check!

  4. 4. Vine Garden Wall

    Looking for a minimalist aesthetic? Or just looking to fill empty space between windows?  I have you covered! You can easily decorate a blank space wall with strings of vines or flowers. I recommend using Command strips to easily hang and remove the vines and flowers. To add some sparkle, you can also hang some mini and subtle twinkle lights between the vines and flowers. This wall décor idea brings nature inside to remind us of the beauty outside.

  5. 5. Customized Wall Grid

    The best way to decorate a wall in a way that you can constantly personalize and change is by using wall grids! Wall grids have been by far the best addition to my wall décor. I recommend using Command strips to hang the grids onto the wall. Now comes the fun part! You can personalize these grids any way you would like; think of these grids as a mood board. Which quotes, photos, keychains, and sunglasses do you love most? Use mini clothespins and hooks and hang them up! Have a mantra you live by? Hang that up too! Have fun upcycling and styling your wall!

Wall decorations don’t have to be random stock pictures in frames or expensive canvases. Personalizing walls within your living space makes a big difference, and being able to customize your walls makes your home, dorm room, or apartment feel like home. Give your walls meaning and make it your own. I hope these décor ideas give you inspiration for decorating your living spaces. Be creative, be bold, and bring what matters to you, to your walls! 

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