5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Gal Pals

There are two types of girls on Valentine’s Day: those who love all the pink, the hearts, and the X’s and O’s, and those who are nauseated by the PDA and #relationshipgoals posts on social media.  Whether you’re the former or the latter, there’s no reason you can’t use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate the gal-pals in your life.  They deserve it, right? So, here are a few ideas for gifts to give your besties this “Gal-entine’s” Day!


1. A Cuddly Teddy Bear

Whether you’re 5 or 25, there’s nothing cuter than a squishy, soft teddy bear.  Surprise your bestie with this adorable stuffed animal, and she’s sure to feel the love!

2. Her Favorite Dessert

Nothing sweetens up someone’s day more than their favorite indulgence, and the options are endless.  Pick up some cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, or just plain chocolate, and you and your girls can enjoy the sugar rush together!

3. A Sentimental Coffee Mug

Get your gal-pal a coffee mug for her love of caffeine!  Whether it’s heart-shaped or has a cute little saying, every time she drinks her morning coffee, she’ll be reminded of what an amazing friend she has!

4. A Nice Dinner 

Who says candlelit dinners are reserved for couples?  What better way to celebrate a girl’s night than a nice dinner out? And if you’re feeling extra generous, you can pay for dessert just to show your best friend how much you care. 

5. A Cute Card

The best gifts are always the ones that are the most heartfelt, and a card is the best way to show someone how much you appreciate them!  So let your girls know how much they mean to you with a little hand-written note -- even if it’s inside a Hallmark card!


The best way to celebrate a day of love is with the ones you love, especially if they’re your best friends!  So grab your squad and have a girls day of gifts, rom-coms, and maybe even a bottle of wine!