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5 Underrated Lifestyle Magazines to Read Other than Vogue

Don’t get me wrong, Vogue’s great, but sometimes it gets a bit boring. When I read about fashion, I want to see something that looks cute but also has some aspect of art behind it. I want it to capture my soul, to try to teach me something. Now that we’re spending all of our time at our houses, new reading material can definitely do no harm. Light your favorite candle, make yourself a good cup of coffee or tea, and let’s dive in. Below are my favorite magazines that aren’t as well-known as Vogue, but provide just as much value to the reader, if not more.

Travel Fashion Girl

This is a fantastic blog about all the countries you can travel to and what to take with you for the best travel experience. We all have those moments where we look at all the stuff we had laid out on our beds and wonder if we really need it, or more importantly, if it will fit in our carry-ons. In this blog, you’ll see everything from packing lists, to countries, to fashion cultures in different countries. It’s almost like a traditional lifestyle magazine with sections featuring beauty (hair, skincare, makeup, fitness, etc), but all considering traveling. This blog has everything, from the best inflight skincare products to pamper yourself on board, to quick hotel room workout routines. Destinations are cut out into world sections such as Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and South Pacific. Written in a simple language and providing lots of images, this blog is definitely a fantastic read for a travel lover.

BOF (Business of Fashion)

This one is a fashion media company where you can not only read about the latest trends and case studies, but also take online classes to further expand or test your knowledge. My favorite sections are “Education” and “Fashion Week.” You can become a subscriber to BOF and be able to take all the online classes you want. Right now, with all of us sitting at home, some new knowledge could be a great distraction. A series of lectures that I’m watching and reading now is “Digital Marketing” with Drew Elliott, and I’m learning a lot. It’s exciting to hear a professional discuss potential career topics that you want to go into.

Sheer Luxe

This is a lifestyle magazine featuring the latest fashion, beauty, and wellness products. It has divisions such as “Life,” “Culture,” “Beauty,” “Style,” “Behind the Scenes,” and “Video,” among others. Sheer Luxe is a professional magazine, but something about it feels familiar and homey. I highly recommend it if you are interested in the United Kingdom’s art, music, and literature, or if you’re considering visiting or moving to the UK sometime.

Self-Service Magazine
Kellyn Simpkin-Girl In Front Of Eiffel Tower France Hat Paris
Kellyn Simpkin / Her Campus

This one has a traditional paper magazine layout. It is a Paris-based fashion magazine that features little text and lots of provocative and bright images. My favorite sections are “The Daily Obsessions,” “The Now,” and “Fashion Week.” It’s very aesthetically pleasing and definitely is a nice break for the eyes from similar magazines. Think of this magazine as a carefully curated, professional, exclusive version of Pinterest.

Who What Wear
Amelia Kramer-Jean Jacket Bricks Sock Bun Mural Angle
Amelia Kramer / Her Campus

This is a Los Angeles based fashion brand that features celebrity style, wardrobe how-to’s, and fashion inspiration for your next shopping adventure. My favorite sections are “Celebrity Style,” “The Latest,” and “Shopping Guides.” Whether you’re choosing an outfit for a big event where lots of pictures will be taken for the ’gram or for a brunch with your family, read up on WWW for some inspiration.

I also recommend reading the same version of a magazine but in a different language. Personally, I prefer British Vogue and Vogue España to US Vogue. It not only helps you with studying a new language, but also provides you with broader fashion and societal culture. 

These magazines are a great alternative to Cosmopolitan, Harper Bazar, and other publications that we all know by heart now. I hope they keep you entertained for the weeks to come! Stay safe everyone.

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