5 Underrated Broadway Musicals Everyone Needs to See

These musicals are a great introduction to the crazy world of Broadway. Entertaining, intriguing, and full of talent, these musicals are must-sees.

  1. 1. Wicked

    Wicked is a classic. It tells the story of the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz and how she became to be the villain. It’s a story of friendship, love, and finding yourself.

  2. 2. The Lion King

    Based on the amazing Disney movie everyone loves, The Lion King on Broadway is definitely something. The set and costumes are amazing. It actually is so realistic!

  3. 3. Chicago

    Based on the movie, this musical is full of sex, scandal, competition, and performance. It is so amazing to see how they dance and how the main women deal with their crimes and disastrous lives.

  4. 4. The Book of Mormon

    Hilariously, this musical somehow manages to offend everyone. It’s entertaining, catchy and comedic.

  5. 5. Waitress

    This musical is so wholesome and cute. The songs are written by Sara Bareilles, an amazing pop singer/songwriter. The story follows a pregnant woman who bakes for a living and her broken marriage. She achieves her dreams with just her and her baby.

While there are plenty of amazing other Broadway shows, these ones are vastly underrated but still as amazing as other popular ones. Even if you are not a musical fan, it's easy to fall in love with these Broadway musicals!

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